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Chanel Dror frames Instax photos of her dog niece/sister/daughter
  C hanel Dror float mounted Instax photos of her Pomeranian Coco in our  Irvine Slim  frame | Photos via  Molly Culver Photography

Chanel Dror float mounted Instax photos of her Pomeranian Coco in our Irvine Slim frame | Photos via Molly Culver Photography


“Coco is my 11 year old Pomeranian. Don't let her age and breed fool you — she’s anything but a ‘senior,’ and so much more than a ‘yappy lap dog’ (as I’m fully acquainted with the stereotypes associated with her breed!) Instead, she is a puffy fur ball who, despite her age, is bursting with energy.

Originally, Coco belonged to my older sister. It wasn’t long before my mother took ownership of her, and at that point she became our family dog. Fast forward to 2011: I had just graduated from college in Austin, and while my parents were traveling, Coco came to stay with me. She’s been mine ever since, and we always joke about my complicated relation to her.

I’m her Aunt-Sister-Mother, and she’s all-at-once my Niece-Sister-Daughter.

Not only is Coco cute to look at, but she is also extremely lovable and truly brightens the day of anyone she meets. I’m convinced Coco will live forever, but in the off chance that doesn’t happen, I know I’ll treasure these photos of her for the rest of my life.”

-Chanel Dror, Blogger, author, and dog mama 

Snuggles with my two week old son
 Photo of Bailey and her son Stone printed and framed in our  Richmond  frame style with a white mat

Photo of Bailey and her son Stone printed and framed in our Richmond frame style with a white mat


“I'm wearing a bracelet that was given to me by my best friend who has taught me a lot about what it is to be a good mother. It also feels like a good representation of our first couple of months together. I had a pretty hard recovery after he was born, so sitting and snuggling him was all I could do for a while.

Becoming a mom reached deep inside of me and brought out someone that I think I was always supposed to be, a more comfortable, more natural version of my previous self.

I learned early on after having Stone that I need to have something for us to do outside of the house every single day. Even if it's just the grocery store or a coffee shop, getting out and being with him in outside in the world is just so much fun to me. 

I feel proud when he smiles at people other than me and my husband, because I imagine him growing up to be a friendly, considerate boy."

-Bailey Weaver, Proud mom of Stone and Framebridge friend

Katie and Lauren with their family on their wedding day
 Wedding photo by  Kristyn Miller Photography  printed and framed in our  Newport  frame style with a white mat | Righthand photo: From left to right - Cassidy, Lauren, Enzo, and Katie

Wedding photo by Kristyn Miller Photography printed and framed in our Newport frame style with a white mat | Righthand photo: From left to right - Cassidy, Lauren, Enzo, and Katie


Wives Katie and Lauren reflect on their favorite wedding (and family) photo.

Katie: “We were on our way to the courthouse. It captures our family perfectly. We are crazy, messy, and beautiful. We have a tremendously loving and supportive village and that day was as much a celebration of them as it was our love.”

Lauren: “This is how we look pretty much all the time - my wife is gorgeous, I have a stupid look on my face, Enzo looks like Dr. Spock thanks to a terrible haircut I'd gotten him the day before, Cassidy's laughing behind Katie's back, and our best friend Phoebe is there, making sure we get to where we need to go on time.”

Art I made in college for my daughter's nursery
 A piece of original art in our  Mercer Slim  frame with a white mat | Via  Francois et Moi

A piece of original art in our Mercer Slim frame with a white mat | Via Francois et Moi


“Back in college I made this piece for a class called ‘Color and Design in 2 and 3 Dimensions’. The assignment was super tedious. We had to paint numerous shades of gray onto card stock to create a grayscale from pure white to pure black. Then we cut those card stock sheets into tiny triangles to create a design that played on how the eye perceives foreground and background. 

I loved how it turned out, so I ended up keeping it all these years down in our basement in storage.

I had no idea at the time that I would keep it and it would become original art in my home all these years later.

When we started decorating our nursery I picked out a fun, organic blue and white wall covering, and I just liked the contrast and edge that piece brought into the space. The play between the geometric shapes and organic shapes was really beautiful. It’s a little unconventional for a nursery, but I love it.

I wanted the space to foster creativity for our daughter, so using a piece that I created in college was perfect for that theme.”

- Erin Francois, Francois et Moi blog

Studio Tour: Warm, colorful DC photographer's loft
 Dominique Fierro in her Georgetown studio

Dominique Fierro in her Georgetown studio


Nestled in a row of shops in Washington DC's stately Georgetown neighborhood is Dominique Fierro's bright, beautiful studio. An artist in residence at Lynn Louisa, a casual chic womenswear boutique, this fashion photographer has transformed the shop's second floor into the kind of place anyone would want to hang out in. Her walls are lined with her latest pieces, and above her desk is a veritable Pinterest board of inspiration IRL.

You should know that Dominique is not your typical demure artist. Dominique evangelizes a women power movement. You see it in her portraits (like her latest Frida Khalo piece), and in the "Photo Therapy" photography sessions she offers. (Think: your own editorial style photo shoot.) Have we piqued your interest yet? 

Take a look inside Dominique's studio, and read along as we learn more about where she got started, how she's bringing sexy back, and how she's dedicated her art to supporting womankind.

 One of Dominique's photos in our  Irvine Slim  frame

One of Dominique's photos in our Irvine Slim frame


On her Roots

My grandmother had a big influence on me. She was a seamstress and used to take care of me when I was little. In her apartment there was Vogue and Architectural Digest and Elle everywhere. Every design magazine, every fashion magazine. So when I was little I would say, “I want to be a fashion designer.” Which turned into fashion photographer. My mom paints and my dad is very artsy too. My whole family is creative.

They never told me “don't be an artist” or “you can’t make money doing that”. They always encouraged me.

My dad gave me my first camera when I was eight. Well, it was his camera. I just kind of took it and started.


on her inspiration

Most of them are my photographs. My family, vacation photos, shoots, and samples. It’s everything. The board is meant to inspire me to change the world, and make it a better place.

Any time I’m in a mood, I just look at my board. It a constant reminder for me to get out of my own way.

That’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time. Worrying about the future, worrying about what people are going to think about me… It’s a constant battle. It’s a reminder for me to do what I feel inside. When I worry about the outside noise I hold myself back, and I don’t put stuff out there.


on her photography

I think it started back in college when our instructors would have us find models to pose. I was a fashion photography major. I noticed that I wasn’t keen on shooting models a lot.

I preferred shooting my friends, because once I shot them I saw the way their emotions would change after they saw the images.

They’d say, “Oh my God, I look like that?! I actually look like that?! You made me look so good!” I would say, “No, it’s really you!” Women nowadays see these images in magazines that are so retouched, and they think they should look like them. Those girls are completely retouched. They aren’t real!

I like to give women a sense of their own beauty. Their is so much negative self-talk right now among women.

It just hurts. It’s sad. I’ll talk to a woman and she’ll say, “Oh, I’m too fat. I can’t do this right now. I don’t feel good about myself.” or “My legs aren’t long enough. My stomach isn’t flat enough.”

It’s never going to be a good time. Just do it! And feel good about yourself. Stop comparing yourself to every single person around you. You are yourself, and that’s it. I want women to feel good about themselves, and empower each other. Comparing is the worst thing you can do to yourself. It makes you stay stuck.

 One of Dominique's favorite pieces in our  Mandalay  frame || Read the story behind it  here

One of Dominique's favorite pieces in our Mandalay frame || Read the story behind it here


on women

I’ll have a negative thought, and say to myself, “No Dominique, you’re going down the rabbit hole. Don’t do it.” That’s why I have all these quotes on my wall. It’s something you constantly have to work on and be aware of.

Once you start recognizing your own negative thought patterns you start noticing it in other people. I feel like every woman should talk to themselves like you would your best friend.

You wouldn’t go up to your best friend and say, “Oh your legs look short, maybe you shouldn’t wear that skirt.” Or “Maybe you need to lose ten pounds.” You just wouldn’t say that.

Once women start recognizing their own thoughts they can start doing that and building their confidence.


On her Photo Therapy

Most of the women I photograph. They’ll say “oh I’m doing this for my husband” or “oh, I’m doing this because I don’t feel that great about myself” or “I’m 20 and want to capture the way I look for when I’m 60.”

One of my clients actually ended up being one of my good friends. Her name is Lucia. She had a horse, and wanted to do a whole shoot with her horse. She was lacking in so much self confidence, and you could just see it. When I first met her, I was like I need you in front of my camera. I need to draw this out of you because you’re in such a shell and you’re so worried about what other people are thinking about you.  

The entire day she was so free. At the end of the day I had her naked in a cornfield with truckers going by, and she was just like, “I don’t care! I feel amazing!”

And then she saw the images and she just felt so good about it and was so proud to show off these images. This was maybe 10 years ago, and now she says when she feels bad about herself she goes back to those photos. They remind her to be present.


on her painting

Right now I’m playing a lot with texture. I went to Art Basel back in early December and realized all the work I was drawn to was textured. I wanted to touch everything, but of course you can’t touch anything at Art Basel.

I’m going through playing with mixing a lot of different compounds and paints. When I started painting I wondered what would people think of a photographer painting. I wondered if they would laugh at me. I just kept hearing the voice in my head telling me to pick up a paint brush. So I did. And I’m really glad I did. I want to give my work another level, and an alternate reality to what it was before.

It gives it a different feel, and it’s so much more fun for me to play with, because once I’m done with the women I don’t want them to leave. I still want to hang out.


on frames

Framing has a huge impact on presentation. If I give someone a print that's different than if I give them an actual framed piece of art. I like to keep my work clean and framed properly for preservation.

My work is an investment, and I want to maintain it.


Dominique's go-to frames: Mandalay, Bali, Irvine Slim, and Mercer Slim.

See more of Dominique's art here, and follow her on Instagram @dominique_fierro

Behind the Scenes: Colorful Animals with Artist Megan Carn



South Carolina artist Megan Carn's paintings look like a smile feels. Through bright color palettes and soft lines she's able to transform even her most ferocious of subjects into gentle, pastel painted giants. Her candy colored tigers, giraffes, and elephants are always at home in nurseries and kids' rooms, while her bolder, brighter birds, zebras, and leopards are a welcome addition to any office or sitting area.

We discovered Megan's art right when the both of us were getting our start. In fact, the image you see above used to welcome every visitor to our original Framebridge website. We're excited to share the artist behind two pieces of art that hold a very special place in our team Framebridge heart. Read on to see where it all began for Megan (not at all what you would expect), and see what inspires her unfailingly optimistic point of view.

 An overhead view of Megan's light bright studio workspace || Photo via  @megancarn

An overhead view of Megan's light bright studio workspace || Photo via @megancarn


On Choosing art

I was "crafty" in high school, just like my mother and grandmother. In college, I decided I wanted to be an art therapist or art teacher, and I spontaneously added a second major to my to-do list. 

I always felt like I was behind the curve because I wasn't the best at drawing and I wasn't quite in the mindset of an artist yet.

I really figured everything out in the months after I graduated, and things took off after that!

  "Spiffy Tiger"  in our  Irvine Slim  frame with a white mat

"Spiffy Tiger" in our Irvine Slim frame with a white mat

 Megan Carn with an pastel colored elephant painting || Photo via  @megancarn

Megan Carn with an pastel colored elephant painting || Photo via @megancarn


On Changing Careers

I started a job in late 2013 after I graduated college and it was great, but it was not leaving me feeling so great at the end of the day. I needed more stimulation and more of a creative outlet...and more sunlight—my office was smack in the middle of the building with no windows. As the only employee there, I spent a lot of time alone, and that was a bummer too.

As I wandered around Instagram I said, “Hold up—I can do this. I can make art and turn it into a business.”

So I started working on it. And a year later, I left that job. It was CRAY. First, there was breaking that news to my parents: "Mom and dad, I'm gonna quit my job, and sell art all the time, okay?" They were really cool about it, though, and that was a great thing. Then, there was leaving the job I had, and explaining to everyone what the plan was. Two weeks later I moved to Columbia and started my full-time art career. I met my almost husband, I made a ton of friends, and I had tons of sunlight in my studio—it was amazing. It is really hard work and there isn't necessarily a paycheck every two weeks like at a conventional job, but it is fun and flexible, and I am really happy. 

  "Leaf It to the Birds"  in our  Lafayette  frame with a white mat

"Leaf It to the Birds" in our Lafayette frame with a white mat


On Color

 I have always been into the brightest things, the craziest combos, and how far I can push the envelope while maintaining taste and style. As I first started selling art, I was doing a ton of flowers and trying to do some abstract work. I realized quickly that not only does everyone do that, but many were better than me at it. I thought long and hard and experimented until it hit me: why not do animals, but in full, crazy color? Not too many artists are doing this right now... this is great. I loved it, and I have ever since: monkeys, tigers, lions, elephants, ostriches, oh my! Recently, I love using colors and layers that challenge a person to stare and examine and come back and go "hm.. do I love it or do I hate it? How many {birds} are too many {birds}?"

I like to make people smile with my art, and I love to smile when I look at art.

 A quiet corner of Megan's studio || Via  @megancarn

A quiet corner of Megan's studio || Via @megancarn

Our favorite frames for Megan's art: Mandalay, Irvine Slim, Lafayette, and Irvine.

Shop Megan's art here, and be sure to follow her on Instagram @megancarn.

Flag from our summer home in Massachusetts
 American flag float mounted in our  Irvine frame

American flag float mounted in our Irvine frame


“It’s had quite a journey. It was purchased in a very rushed decorating moment on July 4th by my mother-in-law in 1998 for a fourth of July party. It hung on the flagpole outside their summer house in Hyannisport, MA. It stayed there for a few years, and then when the family moved down to Osterville, MA it was stationed at the top of the driveway.

It was a very difficult place to find, so they thought they’d mark it with the biggest flag ever.

I think there was one really terrible storm that summer in 2006, and the flag broke off the pole. This meant it was perfectly suited for a wall since it couldn’t fly anymore. It ended up moving down to Washington D.C. where it hung in their Georgetown home off and on for 10 years.

My husband and all his brothers went to Georgetown (University) and they all lived in this Georgetown house over the course of their four years. The flag then made it’s way back to NYC where it was appropriately folded and preserved, but not displayed, in my husband’s former bachelor pad.

When we moved in together he had this flag tucked away somewhere. He told me the story and I said, ‘This is something we should display!’

So we framed it, and now it’s a focal point in our home. He’s sentimental when it comes to certain things like this, so anything that reminds him of family and their life together and growing up is meaningful for him. It’s a true old glory story.

My grandfather was a veteran. I’ve always grown up with flags folded in that triangular shape and preserved in some sort of display box, but it’s a different way of preserving something that’s so meaningful. You really get the full picture.”

- Meaghan Carrigan

Commissioned photo of frisky Lincoln ladies with glitter
 Photo with glitter by  Dominique Fierro  in our  Mandalay  frame

Photo with glitter by Dominique Fierro in our Mandalay frame


“This photo was taken as part of a commissioned photo shoot  my good friend and designer Maggie O’Neill for a restaurant in DC called Lincoln. It was based on Abraham Lincoln, but they wanted the photo shoot to be provocative, involve tools that were going to be put in the restaurant, and have Lincoln hats.

So, I put these girls in my cousin’s basement and had them get frisky with one another.

That shoot I probably did three years ago, and really just wanted to add another layer to it. I bought all this glitter, and thought it was the perfect application. I liked the amount of blank space I had around this image. I could do something with it. I could play with it. I went back and forth between doing a section, and doing the whole thing. My friend said, ‘Just do the whole thing!’ And I was fine with that.

I just love it. I love their expressions. I think it’s a powerful piece. You know what I mean?”

- Dominque Fierro, artist, female empower-er, and master of glitter

CommonBond frames commissioned art for their office



Let’s all take a deep breath and say it together now: student loans. Two words that come with a whole lot of baggage and stress. Enter CommonBond. Founded in 2012, this New York City company has set out to shake up this very frustrating market. Through their refinancing services, CommonBond is re-thinking this space altogether. And they wanted this innovative spirit to translate to their office style and culture, too. They took a really cool approach to this by commissioning art prints that had the same look and feel as their branding and we were thrilled to help them frame the series for their office. Here’s our chat with CommonBond’s Emma Chao Luk on how we put our worked together to bring their brand to life on their office walls.

For those who aren't familiar, can you tell us about CommonBond? We're a leading student lender that uses data and technology to help people take control of their student loans. By refinancing their student loans and paying less interest, our members save an average of $14,581. We offer lower rates, bigger savings, better service, and a one-of-a-kind Social Promise that helps fund the education of children in need. 

CommonBond's Open Colorful Office in NYC

How did the company start? CommonBond was founded by three graduate students who were frustrated by the costs and process to take out their own student loans. They knew there had to be a better way – so they created one! 

What's the office vibe like? We're located in the heart of SoHo, in a spectacular space that was renovated just for us. It's an open floor plan, with music playing, people creating and innovating, dogs visiting, and exciting collaborations leading to new benefits for our members every day. It's a fun environment and we're doing work with a real mission, so there's a great vibe for our team.


“I was so impressed that Framebridge printed, framed, and shipped so quickly. The results speak for themselves!”

How would you describe the company culture? We're from the "work hard, play hard" school of thought, with themed music playlists, video games, a ping pong table, a beer fridge, weekly catered Lunch & Learns, monthly happy hours, movie nights, game nights, and more. 

We love the art you framed. Can you tell us a little bit about the pieces? In order to have CommonBond stand out from a crowded lending space, we worked with Peter Greenwood to illustrate fun, colorful characters and environments. We're not your traditional bank–and these illustrations tell our audience that we're in the business of helping you approach student loans in a new way. 

Peter Greenwood Office Art White Frame

“When we have visitors, the pieces have become focal points, conversation starters, and ice breakers.”

How does the art connect to your business? To your brand? The characters in these pieces represent our members doing big things with their big savings – moving forward, onward, and upward, free from the stress and constraints of their old student loans. There are quirky and creative elements in each one – sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden – that give a nod to the playfulness and humor within our brand and within our team. We do serious work, but we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Do you have a favorite piece? They're all really beautiful and fun. The scuba diving scene is one of my favorites because of the bright colors, the details, and the diversity of the underwater world. (And the hidden mermaid and crab!) 


What was is like to work with Framebridge? Can you tell us a little bit about the process? Working with Framebridge was such a positive experience. The team reached out to me right away and answered any questions I had. I was so impressed that Framebridge printed, framed, and shipped so quickly. The results speak for themselves!

What value does the framed art add to your space? We've hung the framed pieces in each of our conference rooms, giving the spaces formerly known as "Cubby A-F" a real personality. They've added a touch of class, polish, and fun to what were once bare white walls. When we have visitors, the pieces have become focal points, conversation starters, and ice breakers.

Is there anything you're excited to frame next? We have even more characters being created for upcoming campaigns, and we can't wait to have them join their friends in beautiful frames on our walls!

What can we frame for your office?

Travel photography for the Away office
 Images from an Away campaign in our  Irvine Slim  frame with a white mat

Images from an Away campaign in our Irvine Slim frame with a white mat


Meet Away: our latest partner and newest travel obsession. Away is a luggage company that's all about simplifying travel with their smartly designed line of “thoughtful luggage for the modern traveler.” Their offices might be in New York, but one look at their walls and you're instantly transported, well, away. With places to be and trips to take the Away team didn't have time to waste on framing details. We worked with their team to personalize their office with framed travel images, and helped them create a look that not only completes their very cool office and captures their brand identity, but also fit their budget and timeline. To hear a little more about this partnership we sat down with Away founders Steph Korey and Jen Rubio to talk luggage, office decor, and framing the Away story.

For those who aren’t familiar, can you tell us about Away? 

Steph: At our core, we’re a travel brand that’s committed to creating products that are designed to be resourceful and, most importantly, true to the way that people travel today. We started by rethinking what the “perfect” carry-on looks like, and we’re just getting started. Away is inspired by real travel stories and we’ve talked to thousands of people about what they’re looking for while they’re on the road. Our direct-to-consumer business model allows us to create high-quality products at a lower price point and we’re looking forward to continuing to build out our product line. Ultimately, our goal is to continue to empower more and more travelers to explore the world seamlessly.

How did the company start?

Jen: When I was stranded by broken luggage while traveling, my friends were only able to offer up advice about what brands to stay away from. No one seemed to be particularly excited about any line of travel bags, and I realized that there was a hole in the market that needed to be filled by a product I would love to recommend.

Steph: We created Away with the intention of making travel easier for everyone and by asking ourselves what the “perfect” luggage would look like. Our goal was to design a product that takes into account how people travel, the problems they encounter on their journeys, and what we can do to make those experiences better and more enjoyable so everyone can focus on the best part of traveling: the destination!

 Image from an Away campaign in our  Mercer Slim  frame with a white mat

Image from an Away campaign in our Mercer Slim frame with a white mat

“We stuck to a neutral color palette and relied on plants, books, and our framed prints from our previous photo shoots for pops of color.”

How would you describe your office design?

Jen: One of the first things that initially drew us to our new office space in Soho was its airy, “vibey” nature. The raw space stood out with its high ceilings, big windows, wood floors and an original brick wall that spans the entire length of the space. We wanted to keep the design simple and modern while complementing the bones of the space, but also sought to create an inviting atmosphere that feels comfortable. We stuck to a neutral color palette and relied on plants, books, and our framed prints from our previous photo shoots for pops of color. All of this is anchored by great mid-century seating and simple, clean surfaces, which we found with the help of our good friend @jakealexanderarnold (who’s done interiors for Julianne Hough and Katherine Power).

It really is such a stunning space. Okay, so what did you frame with us?

Jen: We chose to frame a few of our favorite shots from our past campaigns to add some travel inspiration to the office! So far we’ve been able to shoot in Tokyo and Panama, so adding some of those images to our office space was a no-brainer.

Can you tell us a little bit about the process? 

Steph: We really loved how easy the entire process was. We pulled our favorite shots and easily uploaded everything to the site. There were so many amazing frame options, but it never felt overwhelming. I loved the option of working with a designer - that’s so convenient for someone who’s looking for some trusted guidance. After finalizing everything, I was amazed at how quickly the frames were shipped to our office!


That is the idea! Where do your frames hang? 

Jen: We chose to hang two of the big white frames over the couch in our reception area that’s right across from the elevator - so these pictures are the first thing you see when you walk into the office! The white frames and matting really stand out against the brick wall and provide a nice contrast.

Steph: The pictures really brighten up the space! It’s great travel inspiration and always gets me thinking about where I want to go next.

We had a similar feeling when we were in your office! Is there anything you’re excited to frame next for your team or office?

Jen: I love the idea of framing a picture of our team and our office space right now, so that in the future we’ll always be able to look back and remember where we started out! I think it ties in perfectly with the general idea of travel: we’re constantly looking forward, but we appreciate where we came from.

Steph: I’d love to frame a wall of inspiration photos of the destinations we can’t wait to get to next!

What inspiration can we help you frame for your office walls?

Autographed NASCAR poster for my superfan dad
 NASCAR poster in our  Mercer Slim  frame with a white mat

NASCAR poster in our Mercer Slim frame with a white mat


“I framed an autographed Nascar poster from 1980s. It was a gift given to my dad from his fellow Brazilian friend who passed away from cancer a few years ago. It's one of those things he's had for several decades but its now starting to show its age. Knowing these things are best preserved in a frame, I decided to take it of course.

I'm gifting it to my Dad. Or ‘re-gifting’ it to my Dad, I suppose. He's from Brazil, a country with very famous Formula One race car drivers like Ayrton Senna.

I love that, having lived in the US for 30 years, he is also now a Nascar fan.

People can't believe it when I tell them of my Dad's ‘special’ interests. Anyways, I know his face is going to light up on Christmas morning... and every day he looks at it. (And remember that I am the best daughter!)”

- Framebridge Office Manager and reluctant office DJ Teresa

Gray Malin frames holiday photography for Neiman Marcus
 "Poolside Holiday" by Gray Malin for Neiman Marcus

"Poolside Holiday" by Gray Malin for Neiman Marcus


It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we've got a photo to prove it. Queue renown photographer Gray Malin. You might know him from his bright beach photos, and quirky conceptual shots, but don't think this California photog would miss a chance to spread a little holiday cheer. Together, we worked with Gray to get his “Poolside Holiday” prints framed and ready for Neiman Marcus to sell exclusively in their stores. To share more about our Christmas collaboration we sat down with Gray to reflect on how it all came together. 

So what exactly did this project between Gray Malin, Framebridge, and Neiman Marcus involve? Last year we created a holiday image specifically for our marketing purposes and website that featured 9 decked-out Christmas trees illuminating and reflecting into a sparkling swimming pool. Neiman Marcus asked us this year to exclusively carry it as a framed photo in their stores and online for this holiday season. In order to get the photograph framed beautifully and seamlessly to Neiman Marcus, we entrusted the help of Framebridge.

The photo is beautiful—where was it taken? And where did the idea come from? The photo was taken at a pool at a private residence in Southern California. The piece was inspired by a shot of a Christmas tree next to a swimming pool in Kelly Klein's book Pools: Reflections.

Can you explain a little bit about the process of working with us? How were we able to simplify framing and fulfillment for you? We knew that Framebridge had a reputation for high quality craftsmanship while maintaining the ability to deliver flawlessly to a nationwide to a large customer like Neiman Marcus, and we're very glad they were our framer of choice for this project.

How many pieces did we frame for you? What was the timetable like? 90 medium white framed “Poolside Holiday” for Neiman Marcus, which were framed and ready to go nationwide in a week.

  “Poolside Holiday” by Gray Malin  | Via Gray Malin

“Poolside Holiday” by Gray Malin | Via Gray Malin

“Framebridge exceeded my expectations and provided quality framing that I was proud to provide to Neiman Marcus and their clientele.”

With such a quick turnaround time, what were you looking for in a framing partner for this project? I appreciate a framing partner that I can depend on. My clients depend on me to deliver their orders in a timely and efficient manner, and in order to do that I have to have a framing partner who is able to do the same. Framebridge exceeded my expectations and provided quality framing that I was proud to provide to Neiman Marcus and their clientele.

What was it like to work with us on this project? It was a snap for us. We had our framed photos delivered on time, without any issues, to display beautifully in the stores for Christmas, and ready to hang on Neiman Marcus customer's homes.

Love it. How have customers reacted to the pieces? The response to “Poolside Holiday” has been fantastic. I've had the opportunity to see it in person at various Neiman Marcus stores on their coveted retail floor.

That's amazing—what do you think of the end result?  Framed to perfection, the photograph will uniquely dazzle the viewer anywhere during the holidays.

What can we help you frame this holiday season?

A photo from the night my nephews met their baby brother
 Family photo in our  Bali  frame with a white mat

Family photo in our Bali frame with a white mat


“I framed a picture of my 3 nephews. My youngest nephew was just born a few weeks ago.

He had to stay in the hospital a bit longer than expected so his 2 older brothers were very excited to finally get to play with him in person.

I'm gifting this to my brother. Having 3 kids under 4 will definitely be chaotic - I know this picture will remind him of the special bond that they all have.”

- Framebridge data master and cool kid Julie

Poppin frames bright art for their bold office
  Gallery wall  in our  Irvine Slim  frame

With a motto like “Work Happy” we’re not surprised the Poppin offices are bursting with bright colors and happy faces. Technically, Poppin is an office furniture and supply manufacturer, but really they're all about making work fun through colorful, beautiful office supplies. Poppin employees say the company is fun to work for, and we can attest that they’re fun to work with. Together we worked to frame photos and even a few of their favorite Poppin supplies to create a design that complements their office and identity. Here’s Poppin’s LT Taylor on their mission, design goal, and how frames added a little something special to their already poppin’ (sorry, had to) space.

For those who aren't familiar, can you tell us about Poppin? Poppin is a startup that believes that everyone, everywhere deserves to work happy. Based in New York City, we’re a leading manufacturer of workplace furniture and supplies designed for the dynamic needs of the modern office. We’ve created an effortless and affordable one-stop solution for your entire workspace, and we’re here to help people create one that excites and inspires with beautiful design, transparent pricing, and a team of dedicated experts by your side.

How did the company get started? Where does the name come from? It all began with a simple stapler - a product whose design hasn’t changed much over the decades. We thought, “what would happen if we reimagined ordinary office products and turned them into something extraordinary?” Colorful, beautiful, and full of life. And with that, Poppin was born in 2009. The name comes from the original concept which was to create “eye-popping products at jaw-dropping prices.” We’ve since expanded into office furniture and colorful, customizable products.

  Gallery wall  in our  Irvine Slim  frame

 “Many of us have used Framebridge to deck out our own apartments so we were pleased that designing a gallery wall for the office was just as seamless.”

We love all the bright, fun colors in your office—was there a particular design goal in mind? Sure. It’s important that we practice what we preach, so we designed our office to reflect our brand identity. We also design the products we sell for ourselves first, and use our own office as a testing ground. Employee behavior and feedback play a huge role in deciding what we put into production. Whether it’s the sitting-standing desks or ways to improve collaboration and productivity, we are constantly thinking about the future of workspaces and how we can help other companies “work happy.”

Love that. It's something we have in common! What do you love most about working at Poppin? For me, it’s a combination of the people I get to work with and the work I get to do. I truly believe in our business and it’s rewarding to be surrounded by a group of folks who feel the same way.

Let's talk frames. What was it like to work with Framebridge? Can you tell us a little about the process? Many of us have used Framebridge to deck out our own apartments so we were pleased that designing a gallery wall for the office was just as seamless. It’s also great to be able to speak to real people throughout the process - from bouncing ideas off one another, to getting an expert opinion and life-like mock-ups. It was simple to execute, and we were really happy with the quality and turnout.

“The gallery wall makes such a difference - it adds a whole new dynamic to our lobby area.”

So what exactly did you guys frame with us? We’re a very visual brand so we framed six photos, showcasing a variety of our products - from a high res shot of our best-selling Ping Pong Conference Table to a cityscape of our back-to-school favorites.

Do you have a favorite piece? We love that all the frames tell a cohesive story, but my favorite is shadowbox frame. It’s amazing that you’re able to frame physical items - it’s the perfect way to display a keepsake (and would certainly make a great gift!)

I can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve gotten from employees and visiting clients. The gallery wall makes such a difference - it adds a whole new dynamic to our lobby area.

What can we frame to add inspiration to your office?

Wrabel concert ticket for my best friend and wing woman
 Concert ticket float mounted in our  Irvine Slim  frame

Concert ticket float mounted in our Irvine Slim frame


“One of my best friends from high school (Wrabel) was touring with Gavin DeGraw and Andy Grammar this fall, and I framed the concert ticket.

My best friend Liz and I have been super fan girls since high school. I did a quick day trip to New York on a random Thursday in October, so Liz and I could see him together during his first big tour. Despite our very best intentions – we even handmade t-shirts! – it was one of those nights where everything went just a little bit wrong.

I framed the ticket as a reminder that even when things don't go 100% to plan, when you're with someone you love, nothing else really matters. 

I'm gifting this to my best friend, Liz. I hope she'll love it as a reminder that we can make our own fun, no matter the circumstances. Plus, I know she'll smile every time she thinks about how hard our very talented friend Stephen has worked to follow his dreams – there's nothing better than that feeling of pride for one of your friends!”

- Framebridge Head of Product, puppy mama, and Renaissance woman Julia

A photo of my best friend and her new baby boy, MJ the Third
 Instagram in our  Mandalay  frame with a white mat

Instagram in our Mandalay frame with a white mat


“I framed a photo of my friends Jenny, MJ, and Rosie welcoming the newest addition to their clan, MJ the third! He was just born last week. 

It's special to me because, I mean...can you see the way Rosie's little hands are clasped together? If that isn't love I don't know what is.

So I'm gifting this to all of them! This is such an exciting new chapter in their lives, and they are truly special people. I hope Rosie especially will treasure this photo when she gets older.”

- Framebridge Collaborations Producer and in-house influencer, Cory

Common frames art for their apartments

Apartment hunting is one of the most universally *miserable* experiences. We all know what it's like to feel like Goldilocks on an eternal search for a space that's just right. Cue the co-living startup Common. The brainchild of General Assembly co-founder Brad Hargreaves, these gorgeous *fully furnished* apartments are move-in ready, and offer an awesome, wide range of amenities which are all included in a flat monthly fee. And you know what every living space needs? Frames. Here to talk a little bit more about Common and our beautiful partnership is Sophie Wilkinson, Head of Design and Construction at Common.

Hi, Sophie! For those who aren't familiar, can you tell us a little bit about Common? Common is a co-living brand. We provide a housing option where you find a home and room mates, can sign up online for the rental duration that suits you, move into a beautifully furnished home, and know everyone in your building.

Very cool. Where did the idea come from? Has it changed along the way? The idea of Common came from the broad array of bad renting experiences that have become the norm in cities like New York. Common challenges classic barriers in renting such as brokers fees, 12 month lease terms, or long rental history needed to secure a lease. We are bringing the experience of finding your place to your smart devices via online tours and lease signing on your phone. We are making the experience of living with your roommates great. Dinner parties, movie nights, and nights out are held constantly and you truly know your neighbors. We also wanted to remove most of things that roommates fight about. We provide weekly cleaning, all of the shared supplies such as toilet paper, we pay the bills, and furnish everything in the home.

Sounds like heaven to us. How would you describe the design aesthetic of the Williamsburg space? Our newest home in Williamsburg, Havemeyer, is open and bright with big windows and tall ceilings. It references industrial Williamsburg with exposed concrete walls and reclaimed timber beams as stair treads. The interior decoration is minimalistic but warm. We have simple steel furniture pieces and classic chair designs aside unique Persian and Moroccan rugs, and of course gorgeous and interesting art throughout the common spaces.

"We love working with brands and companies who we believe in, and who are bringing a new solution to traditional markets."


And of course you needed a few frames! We think Framebridge is a wonderful idea and company. You are offering a great new solution to how to frame artworks easily and at a good value. We love working with brands and companies who we believe in, and who are bringing a new solution to traditional markets. We also believe in making beautiful spaces and therefore had a lot of art to frame! Because we furnish our homes from the long term we ensure we choose partners whose quality we can trust to last. Framebridge has been a great partner and we are so proud of all our beautifully framed pieces.  

We loved working with you all as well! For those who are less familiar, can you explain a little bit about the process? What did you enjoy most about it? The process was so incredibly easy. We buy our art both online and here in New York. We had everything sent directly to Framebridge, and within an extremely short amount of time we had over 100 pieces framed and back at our doorstep, ready for the opening of our newest home. The most enjoyable part of the process was how you took care of everything. Framing pieces of art can seem like a “too hard” task, that takes a lot of energy and involvement, but we loved knowing we could trust you, and that it would be completely taken care of.


"We also found that traditional framers were not able to handle the timelines we wanted to hit to open our new homes quickly."

Any surprises along the way? I was surprised at how quickly you were able to frame all of our works, and how easy it was having our beautiful pieces sent right to our door ready to hang!

We love art in our homes, but framing each piece ourselves was taking a lot of time and effort on our part. We also found that traditional framers were not able to handle the timelines we wanted to hit to open our new homes quickly. Framebridge solved both of these problems for us. We see the quality in the framing and that is something that is very important.

Most importantly, what do your residents think of the space? The biggest feedback we get from visitors and residents is that they didn’t imagine the homes would be “so nice”. We take a lot of care to create spaces that are comfortable and relaxed. One of my favorite quotes from a member was that “my home feels like a grown up home”. I think framing your beautiful art is a “grown-up” move, and we love how easy Framebridge made that for us!

We'd love to help your business feel like a home. 

Dos Toros frames their restaurant menus

This story combines a few of our favorite things: burritos, framing, and a great origin story. Founded by brothers Leo and Oliver Kremer in 2009, Dos Toros brings the best of San Francisco style Mexican food to the East Coast. This new chain offers a seriously delicious burrito, but also serves up top quality ingredients, customer service, and overall experience. Oh, and have we mentioned they’re blowing up? We’ve loved working with the Dos Toros team over the last few months to get their menus and mission up on the walls of their new locations. We recently sat down with Leo and Oliver’s partner Tyler Lohman, and Head of Marketing Marcus Byrd to reflect on their journey so far, what differentiates Dos Toros from the other guys, and how Framebridge was able to simplify framing for this rapidly growing company.

Tell us about Dos Toros and how you got started.

Tyler: I got started back in 2009. Leo and Oliver first moved out to New York in early 2008 with the intention of bringing the Northern California burrito that we all grew up with to NY.

The tacquerias of San Francisco have a huge presence in many people's diets—ours included. We felt—having friends and family on the east coast, and having spent a lot of time in NYC—that no place on the East Coast really did that justice. They moved out in 2008 and set to it. Started looking for real estate, started testing some recipes, and found this amazing location (the recession helped) on 4th avenue at the southeast corner of Union Square. Very similar to the taquerias in California it was very long and lean not a lot of seats, but fit the mold of counter service we wanted to serve. We had every intention of staying true to the taquerias we grew up with, but add our spice to it when we could—the sustainability, the design, etc. making sure no aspect aesthetic or flavor was overlooked. Even the customer service.


“For us, it’s such a badge of honor to be rolling a burrito in the lunchtime rush.”

You're up to 12 locations. What does that feel like?

Tyler: Uh, it’s pretty surreal. The past 18 months have been a whirlwind—we’ve gone from five to ten stores with a quick eleven and twelve soon thereafter. And all the newer stores we’ve been opening up are much larger square footage, they’re in downtown business districts, they have a lot higher rent, and a lot higher pedestrian volume. Just really trying to garner that lunchtime business traffic.

What makes Dos Toros different?

Marcus: There are a million answers I could give you, but I think it comes down to two things: expertise and warmth.

Expertise: A lot of Mexican taquerias and grills specialize in bowls. The authentic San Francisco mission-style burrito and taqueria experience is unique to Dos Toros, at least in NY. There’s tangible things that we can point to, like the fact that we steam the cheese onto the tortilla. But it even gets down to the more minute things that you can’t see, for example, we have the thirty laws of lime mastery.  You have to know those before you can roll a burrito. At many places in your first or second week you could find yourself on the line rolling a burrito. For us, it’s such a badge of honor to be rolling a burrito in the lunchtime rush. To do that you have to have rolled hundreds of burritos first.

Warmth: I credit a lot of this to us being from the Bay Area of California, and having an amazing attitude toward customer service—making every guest feel special and engaging them on a personal level.

How do you go about curating company culture and keeping that top of mind?

Tyler: If we want to deliver a great product and make our customers happy we have to treat our employees well. We hire for attitude because ability will follow. We can teach you how to roll that perfect burrito, we can teach you how to count a drawer, we can teach you how to cook the beans, but one of the things we can’t teach you is that emotional strength and that personality.


“Now Framebridge is our one-stop-shop for everything we need framed.”

What did you frame with us for your Dos Toros stores?

Tyler: We framed all of the menu boards at our stores, in-house marketing for our sustainability pages and hot sauces descriptions, our start here signs, and our mandatory NYC choking poster which was illustrated by a local artist. Everything that’s framed is Framebridge.

Marcus: The menu is really our most important piece of signage. And that hot sauce and sustainability statement really speak to Tyler’s point about how we fret over the details so you don’t have to. I wonder how many people actually read those everyday. If they only knew the hours we spent and the sixteen drafts we went through to get the wording right. That’s emblematic of Dos Toros and of Framebridge. Something so simple can be so detailed.


What was the process like of managing framing in the midst of rapidly opening new stores?

Tyler: Everything was super smooth. It was nice to have a direct point of contact to work with. Being able to upload a file and select no mat and the Bolton frame was so easy.

Marcus: I have taken some of Tyler’s responsibilities over recently. He asked me to frame menus for a new store and I said, “Ok, I’ve never done this before. I don’t know what I’m looking for!” He just told me those three things (upload, no mat, Bolton) and I got it done in fifteen minutes. I was incredibly relieved to not have to stress about something. The interface was so smooth—it maybe took me eight clicks and a credit card number to get the mission accomplished.

Everything has been a joy and a pleasure. Honestly, it allowed us to save time. We used to have to haggle over it. We had three of four different companies doing what you guys were doing. Now Framebridge is our one-stop-shop for everything we need framed.

Our first reflex is - can Framebridge do it?

What can we help you frame?

@galmeetsglam gifts family photos
 Family photos in our Augusta, Hudson, and Providence frame styles | Via  Gal Meets Glam

Family photos in our Augusta, Hudson, and Providence frame styles | Via Gal Meets Glam


"A while back, I remember receiving my very first Framebridge photo as a gift, a photo of Thomas and me in Napa. It’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve received (as a couple you have to cherish those rare times you get a great photo together, am I right?). The joy that seeing this photo brings to me each day stuck with me and gave me the idea to gift our loved ones framed photos from Framebridge for the holidays."