Home for the Holidays: Guest Room

Got guests visiting you for the holidays? Getting your home ready can feel stressful, but it doesn't have to! If you prep your space little by little, you won't be overwhelmed when the planes, trains, and automobiles roll in. Today we're taking tips from Tessa on how to style a guest room for the holidays.

So, this is our actual guest room. We just moved into our house in August, and this room has more or less served as a glorified closet for the past two months. With the in-laws visiting for Thanksgiving, I wanted to (quickly!) create a space that would be comfortable and welcoming for them... without buying too much new stuff. Taking some cues from my own mom, I incorporated five things I know guests love to feel at home in your home.

5 Things Every (Good) Guest Room Needs

  1. Something Green
    Okay, so maybe this isn't unique to guest rooms (it's kind of a universal truth that a little plant life is good for every room), but it's especially nice for out-of-towners to know that you brought in something fresh just for them. This time of year, eucalyptus is a nice choice. It smells great, too!
  2. Art
    As we always say, the art and photos you choose to display in your home are the pieces that tell the story of you. Guests love to feel surrounded by your energy and memories when they're visiting. I had to throw in Kevin Russ's "Wigwam Motel" as a wink to this room being our little motel and Sean Connery as Bond from Goldfinger, one of my husband's favorite movies.
  3. Books
    Even though I try to pack something to read when I travel, I always look forward to scoping out the books my friends and family have when I stay with them. I think it's nice to throw a few good reads into your guest room just in case one of them piques someone's interest. Plus they're cute. Books are cute.
  4. Water
    One of the worst things I can imagine is waking up parched in the middle of the night in a strange house and stumbling to the kitchen in the dark to try to get a glass of water. Keep your guests from meeting this fate by leaving a little pitcher or carafe of water out with water glasses. You'll look like a real adult and they'll thank you in the morning.
  5. Layers
    People are all over the place when it comes to preferred sleeping temperature. Warm, cold, ice cold—you can never know. Give your guests options by leaving out linens of different weights so they can wrap themselves in whatever makes them the most comfortable. And who doesn't love a pretty throw blanket?
   Kevin Russ's " Wigwam Motel " and a suave Sean Connery look warm and masculine in our  Sonoma frame .

Kevin Russ's "Wigwam Motel" and a suave Sean Connery look warm and masculine in our Sonoma frame.

  A House In the Hills' " Skulls " floated in our  Irvine Slim frame  looks casual and modern with this cozy, layered bed.

A House In the Hills' "Skulls" floated in our Irvine Slim frame looks casual and modern with this cozy, layered bed.

Pretty simple, right? Just five easy steps to have your guests feeling like they're at their home away from home. And leave you looking like a rockstar host.