My Story: California Memory

Who: Laura Heffelfinger

Home: Chicago, IL

Occupation: Art Director at a sports and lifestyle agency

Favorite things: Cooking for friends, art/photography/design books, skiing, drinking a Negroni on a patio.

What did you frame with us? Two prints from Chris Turnham (one and two). I love the way he uses tones – a little desaturated but really rich in depth. I chose the Potomac frame. I have small bits of brass detail in my hardware and furniture so I wanted to pull that through. In context, the style is also a nod to Hollywood Regency without overwhelming or dating the prints. It hangs on the entry wall in my apartment.

Why are these prints special to you? Southern California was like my second home growing up and these prints remind me of my grandparents’ garden. I had actually seen this piece on Designspiration and totally loved that a two-dimensional print could glow like that; I just kept clicking through until I found his portfolio and shop.

What are you excited to frame next? print based on an antique engraving of the Moon phases and the transit of Venus. It’s going next to my bed, for good dreams and sleep vibes (namaste). I’m leaning toward the Bolton frame with a white-mat; a little bit of the industrial look to keep the whole piece rooted in a clean/modern aesthetic.

Thank you, Laura! Your prints look gorgeous in our Potomac frame. For more frame worthy art head over here