Gift It: Boss/Coworker

Our gift guidance this week comes from Rachel, Framebridge strategy master and #boss herself. She's got the scoop on gifts for bosses and co-workers that are thoughtful, easy, affordable, AND, importantly, cool.

Sure, the holidays are a time for family, loved ones, and hopefully a little R&R, but they’re also a time for taking a minute out of our hectic days to appreciate the people with whom we spend most of our time. And while I’m sure what all my co-workers really need is a medley of the 1989 album performed by yours truly at the holiday party, this year I’m going the extra mile with some fun and thoughtful gifts.

   "Like a Boss"  foil print from  Lucy Darling  in our  Carson  frame, $79

"Like a Boss" foil print from Lucy Darling in our Carson frame, $79

Like A Boss Metallic Print: Part friend, part mentor, part role model, I happen to work for a total #ladyboss. She’s showing the world it’s possible to build a great company with integrity, kindness, and heart and I’m lucky to have a front row seat. When it comes to Susan, this metallic print says it all, and our elegant Carson gold frame gives it just the touch of class she deserves.   

   "Like a Boss"  print from  Charm and Gumption  in our  Irvine Slim  frame, $99

"Like a Boss" print from Charm and Gumption in our Irvine Slim frame, $99

Like A Boss (Option 2! Print and Frame): Ok, yes, it’s a little weird to get someone two Like A Boss prints, but on top of leading us at Framebridge, Susan is a great mom. As a new mom myself this year, watching her balance the business and her girls with such grace has been a real inspiration. I thought a great way to honor her commitment to family would be to set up the next generation of #ladyboss Tynans with a more playful version of the same print for their room at home. This colorful print has the added bonus of being available to print & frame, so your boss will never know you waited until the deadline (again) to finish the project.

  Team photo in our  Mercer Slim  frame, $79

Team photo in our Mercer Slim frame, $79

Team Photo: The great Andy Bernard once said: "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them.” I wish I could say I’ve always been present and aware enough to realize my great work moments before they were gone. I wish I could say I wasn’t petty enough to be just a tinge (ok a lot) jealous of my ex-work wife’s new work crew. Since neither are true, I’m planning on surprising her with a framed photo of our old team smack dab in the middle of those good old days. And I will only subtly suggest she put it on her a prominent spot...where I can keep an eye on the new guys.  

   Product prototype  print from  Pop-Mat  in our  Bolton  frame, $79

Product prototype print from Pop-Mat in our Bolton frame, $79

Product Prototype: What better way to celebrate a great year than to frame some of the best work you did as a team? Since most of my work product is Excel documents and Slack chats, I’m going for symbolism. As a growing startup, we pass milestones daily, so rather than frame our best sales month, a piece of collateral from our most exciting partnership, or the company logo (all great ideas BTW!), I wanted something that honored all the steps along the way. We may not have patented Legos, but our team is building something great, brick, by brick.

  Vintage alcohol ad in our  Providence  frame, $99

Vintage alcohol ad in our Providence frame, $99

Vintage Ad: Is there a marketing team out there that doesn’t wish a little bit they were still living in the Mad Men era? I mean, minus all the sexism of course. To honor a guy with a true Jon Hamm spirit (AKA intense man crush), I’m giving my co-worker Matt this awesome vintage ad. I will then spend all of 2016 asking him if he wouldn’t mind mixing me a cocktail, ya know, something a bit manly, with a twist.

This holiday season, don’t forget to celebrate your colleagues. All year long they’ve been there through late nights, Excel crashes, and more than my share of stories about the cute thing my baby did this weekend. My work family deserves something special, something timeless, something that says: please don’t put that karaoke video on LinkedIn.