5 Tips for Mixing Metals at Home

Once upon a time the rules were firm: you either went for the gold or settled with silver. But as the lure and look of shine becomes more and more irresistible, metallics have become the modern neutral. How do you mix copper, silver, and gold without looking gauche? Here are our favorite ways to blend all that bling.

Pair Rustic Touches with More Refined Edges

One of the best ways to prevent metallics from feeling cold is to pair them properly. Balance all those angular accents with rustic wood pieces and you’ll find the entire grouping feels warm and relaxed, instead of overly fussy. Distressed pieces and frames with sculptural interest become elevated, and add a whole lot of depth to your space.

Mix with Matte, Dark Shades for a High Gloss Look

Black pumps ups the chic factor of just about anything—and when you pair it with a mix of metals the finished product is very downtown cool. To get the look, amp up the black and white by choosing a single accent shade (like the black to the left, and the grey-ish tiled backsplash to the right) to let all that shine really...well...shine.

Stick with the Accents

When you’re mixing metallics it can be best to keep it subtle. A pair of thin silver lamps with a few brass accents doesn’t overwhelm the space. And the tasteful touches add interest without adding too much visual heft. Keeping the pieces similar structurally also helps to unify your space. In these bathrooms from Studio McGee, matte black, brass, and silver hardware can play together because they remain grounded in the consistent grey tones of the rest of the design. 

Ground It with Neutrals

Beige on white can be boring—but you can achieve the same zen-like palette with neutrals and mixed metallics. High shine accessories prevent the limited scheme from feeling listless, and lets you swap in new items here and there as you go.

All in the Family

Here, the metals all stay in the same warm hue, and various shades of gold hang together well since they have the same tonality. By limiting your pieces to one color family, the metallics are united in a clean, yet visually interesting way. In these living room and bedroom arrangements, the gold tones all skew towards the yellow end of the spectrum which allows their various forms and finishes to play nicely in the space.

Need more metal mix-spiration? Head to Pinterest for more ideas.