7 Celebrity Rooms That Will Inspire a Total Home Makeover

Celebrity comes with certain perks: access to personal stylists, private chefs, and (our favorite) access to the very best interior designers on the planet. One would expect a peek into A-list abodes to be full of eye candy, but not necessarily realistic inspiration for your own home. We're here to change that. From bedroom to bathroom, here are 7 chic celebrity pads and some surprisingly simple ways to recreate a bit of that Hollywood magic for yourself. 

Jessica Alba’s Modern Boho Bedroom

 Photo by  Justin Coit  for  MyDomaine ; design by  Mat Sanders

Photo by Justin Coit for MyDomaine; design by Mat Sanders

You spend a LOT of time in your bedroom, so it’s best to keep your options open — at least when it comes to decor. The classic four-poster bed, matching nightstands and brass sconces in this master serve as a neutral canvas for pieces with a little more personality. "I wanted the space to feel earthy and grounded, but at the same time, clean and modern," Alba told MyDomaine. And we think she nailed it. Added bonus of this look? The room can be easily transformed by swapping out the pillows and accessories with different colors and patterns.

The finishing touch: A pair of symmetrical Mercer Slim frames flanking either side of a focal print hung just above the headboard in Irvine Slim.

Patrick Dempsey’s Dreamy Dining Area

We hear formal dining rooms are making a comeback, but if you’re reluctant to jump back on that train, this space nails the demands of open-floor-plan living. Part cozy seating area, part breakfast “nook” and part dedicated dining room — it combines our favorite elements of all three spaces. The Dempsey family teamed up with Hollywood decorator and fashion stylist Estee Stanley on this gorgeous layout. “She’s very attuned to the kind of soulful antiques and art we love to collect,” Dempsey told Architectural Digest, like the Melvin Sokolsky fashion photographs and mismatched vintage dining room chairs above.

The finishing touch: To keep this slightly Bohemian, somewhat Scandinavian, space modern – pair large, square black-and-white photography prints in twin Irvine Slim frames. 

Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber's Family-Friendly Playroom

Kudos to Hollywood power couple Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts’ decision to keep a dedicated kid area adult-friendly for their two boys, ages 7 and 8. Watts told Architectural Digest she wanted “a real grown-up apartment” and that desire wasn’t abandoned when designing the boys’ playroom. We suspect the earthy color palette, custom-made striped rug and large, leather sectional — that supports a stuffed tiger now — will easily host hours of Xbox when the boys are older, making this a room that all ages can appreciate.

The finishing touch: Frame a favorite childhood photo in Marin or Montauk — no one’s ever too old for nostalgia.

Will Ferrell’s Colorful, Mod Kitchen

One celebrity’s New York City pied-à-terre is another person’s dream loft. This converted printing factory loft combines Will Ferrell’s playful personality (milk-bottle light fixtures?), with his Swedish wife’s love for Scandinavian design (look at all those clean lines!) into a sophisticated crash pad for the LA-based couple, their three kids and extended family. While we usually prefer our industrial spaces with a rustic touch, the Ferrells’ white kitchen is far from sterile with nearly a dozen blue Eames chairs, wooden bar stools and none other than a large Lichtenstein print. It was important that “even though there are these great pops of color, the apartment feels very balanced, very soothing,” interior designer Shawn Henderson told Architectural Digest.

The finishing touch: Procure your own pop-art pieces! If it's a print float mount it in our Irvine Slim frame, or if it's a canvas piece go with Palermo

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s Spa-Like Oasis

“We wanted a comfortable house, not a style statement,” Tom Brady told Architectural Digest, but we’d argue that they got both in this Brentwood estate. It’s both palatial and restrained, Old World yet modern, where subtle statements such as the lantern light fixtures and blue marble countertops liven up a neutral color palette. While most of us could only dream of that fireplace and walk-in shower — well, let’s be honest, the space looks bigger than some of our first studio apartments — it proves that dramatic black accents are a “do,” (see this post) especially with that natural light. 

The finishing touch: Frame a black-and-white illustration in our white Palermo canvas floater frame (like the one they have of the Patriots’ Gillette Stadium over the fireplace) for modern flare.

Kourtney Kardashian’s #GirlBoss Office

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Kardashians are easy to “klump” together, but we’ll be the first to admit that we give Kourtney major design cred. The eldest sister resists the others’ more glamorous aesthetics to create a look that’s still luxe, but more modern and restrained. She has elevated thrifting modernist statement pieces to an art form, like the Jules Leleu desk and Pierre Jeanneret chairs above. “I’m very afraid of color,” Kardashian told Architectural Digest, so Million Dollar Decorators star Martyn Lawrence Bullard had to rely heavily on hardwoods to add warmth and art to infuse pops of color in her Calabasas manse.

The finishing touch: Create a well-balanced gallery wall by breaking up all black-and-white Hollywood-inspired prints with a vibrant, colorful, and abstract print in an Irvine Slim frame.

Neil Patrick Harris’ Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Bright punches of orange pop against the crown molding, fireplace and grey mid-century sofas, elevating this family room in a way that can only be described as very “New York City brownstone.” While it’s perfectly suited for entertaining, it’s also pragmatic for a growing family with young children. But the couple is careful to keep their budding art collection out of reach of their twins. “The top half of the walls is where we put everything that’s valuable,” Harris told Architectural Digest.

The finishing touch: You needn’t spring for high-profile art or resort to big box stores to inject your room with color. Seek out local artists — or art students —to find affordable, original artwork for our custom canvas frames while supporting emerging talent.

See? That celebrity look is totally within your reach.