Artist's Story: Yellow Brick Home + Giveaway


Today we’re introducing you to the Chicago-based husband and wife team behind Yellow Brick Home. Kim and Scott Vargo’s blog features everything from adorable pet portraits, to travel adventures, and new home renovations. You’ll also find Kim’s artwork and photography on her two online shops, The Pet Shop and The Print Shop. Yellow Brick Home is a member of our Artist Program, so we are thrilled to share their work with you today and give one lucky reader the chance to win one of their prints!

We love that you are a dynamic duo! How did you two meet?

Scott and I lived on the same street while we were attending University of Cincinnati. We actually met on the night of my 21st birthday, as my friends were singing very loudly with a cake that could’ve used a fire extinguisher! He came over (for a slice of cake, I’m sure), introduced himself, and we became fast friends. 


Kim and Scott’s home.

What inspired the unique and whimsical name of your blog, Yellow Brick Home?

Yellow Brick Home refers to the literal description of our first home that we purchased together in Chicago. As we worked to turn our builder basic home into a place that felt fresh and fun, our friend encouraged us to start a blog so she could keep up with everything we’d changed! I bounced a few name ideas around for our soon-to-be blog, but nothing quite stuck until I landed on Yellow Brick Home. It was colorful, practical and felt just quirky enough that it became a perfect fit. I bought the domain name immediately!


Kim and Scott in San Diego.

You two seem like the adventurous type! How do you balance travel with your creative schedule?

We’ve both always had a sense of wanderlust, and our travel adventures together first started as a way to explore new cities that we might want to live in one day. The idea was that we would travel to a new-to-us city once a year in search of the Next Big Move. As it turned out, Chicago had stolen our hearts along the way, and it took us almost 7 years to figure that out! We promised to continue to travel for pure fun and adventure!


Paris 4 (Under the Eiffel Tower) in Irvine, Mackinac Island 1 (Beach Cruiser) in Brentwood, Chicago 2 (Geese) in Carson by Yellow Brick Home

We love how The Print Shop exemplifies each city you have visited! How do you decide what to portray for each city?

I began sharing our travels on our blog, and readers started requesting prints from my photos. I absolutely love photography, and it made my heart so happy to know that the things I captured spoke to others as well. I began a Pinterest board, and I began creating listings for the most popular images in The Print Shop. Scott and I are going on a big road trip this fall, where we’ll be driving the entirety of Route 66 - something we’ve talked about doing for more than a decade! I’m pretty sure my camera will never leave my hands, and I can’t wait to share some of my personal favorites with the shop this coming holiday season. (Not to mention, outfitting our home with them!)


Pug on Yellow in Potomac, Bulldog in Irvine Slim, Golden Retriever in Beaumont by Yellow Brick Home

We can’t get enough of your adorable pet portraits! Where do you gain your inspiration for The Pet Shop?

This is an easy question! We have four rescue pets that we love to a million pieces, and I’m surrounded by them every day working from home. They’re the reason why we donate 10% of all our Pet Shop profits back to animal rescue. I also have the world’s best clients who share their pets’ stories with me daily, and it brings me so much joy.


Kim and Scott’s home in Chicago.

Where do you gain inspiration for the renovation of your new home?

Oh man, everywhere! I read a lot of blogs and pin things that I like to show Scott later, but in the end, we really just do what makes us happy. When we make decisions about more permanent fixtures, we always think: Classic, classic, classic! But when it comes to furniture, rugs and decor, we go with what makes us smile. It sounds a little corny, but we think that our house speaks to us and tells us what she wants. With each new job on our to-do list, we like to merge classic style with a touch of quirk. We’re all about the quirk.

What’s the next thing you want to have framed and which Framebridge frame would you choose?

We picked up a signed Thomas Mangelsen nature photograph of an elk herd at a thrift store for a steal(!), but the frame is a bit too traditional for our tastes. We’ve been eyeing the Irvine Slim for this. It would be fresh and contemporary!

Speaking of Framebridge, how did you find out about us?

I remember first spotting Framebridge on Instagram and then seeing the service being used by bloggers that I find inspiring. Having experienced the Framebridge treatment first hand, I haven’t stopped recommending it to friends! It’s such a painless process, and the results are stunning.

Thank you Kim and Scott for being such great partners and for sharing your beautiful work with us.

And now the giveaway!

We’re thrilled to partner with artists from around the country and to share their work with our customers. Today we are giving one lucky reader the chance to win his/her favorite print from the Yellow Brick Home shops!

Here’s how to win…

1. Head on over to The Print Shop and The Pet Shop and take a look around.

2. Pick your favorite piece and leave a comment below linking to your pick!

We’ll pick one winner on August 4th. This giveaway is open to our customers in the contiguous United States and will include one printed 8x10 print, framed by Framebridge!