Ferris wheel ride with mom

 Canvas photo in our  Valencia  floater frame

Canvas photo in our Valencia floater frame


“I see all our different personalities, our fears, our preferences, and I feel the pride in knowing that is my family. Those are my CHILDREN.

Children I dreamed of having when I was young. Children who I felt move inside me and then laid my hands on the second they were born. Children who have made me, truly MADE my life worth living.

I know we are going to be OK because we are doing this together, locked in the ferris wheel car of life that I paid $4 a person to ride on.

Half of us were thrilled, half of us were not. I believe it shows being a family isn't always easy or unanimous or picture perfect. Family life runs a gamut of emotions, and you are on the ride with the ones you love.”

-Brie Schmutte, comedienne and mom of four