Common frames art for their apartments


Apartment hunting is one of the most universally *miserable* experiences. We all know what it's like to feel like Goldilocks on an eternal search for a space that's just right. Cue the co-living startup Common. The brainchild of General Assembly co-founder Brad Hargreaves, these gorgeous *fully furnished* apartments are move-in ready, and offer an awesome, wide range of amenities which are all included in a flat monthly fee. And you know what every living space needs? Frames. Here to talk a little bit more about Common and our beautiful partnership is Sophie Wilkinson, Head of Design and Construction at Common.

Hi, Sophie! For those who aren't familiar, can you tell us a little bit about Common? Common is a co-living brand. We provide a housing option where you find a home and room mates, can sign up online for the rental duration that suits you, move into a beautifully furnished home, and know everyone in your building.

Very cool. Where did the idea come from? Has it changed along the way? The idea of Common came from the broad array of bad renting experiences that have become the norm in cities like New York. Common challenges classic barriers in renting such as brokers fees, 12 month lease terms, or long rental history needed to secure a lease. We are bringing the experience of finding your place to your smart devices via online tours and lease signing on your phone. We are making the experience of living with your roommates great. Dinner parties, movie nights, and nights out are held constantly and you truly know your neighbors. We also wanted to remove most of things that roommates fight about. We provide weekly cleaning, all of the shared supplies such as toilet paper, we pay the bills, and furnish everything in the home.

Sounds like heaven to us. How would you describe the design aesthetic of the Williamsburg space? Our newest home in Williamsburg, Havemeyer, is open and bright with big windows and tall ceilings. It references industrial Williamsburg with exposed concrete walls and reclaimed timber beams as stair treads. The interior decoration is minimalistic but warm. We have simple steel furniture pieces and classic chair designs aside unique Persian and Moroccan rugs, and of course gorgeous and interesting art throughout the common spaces.

"We love working with brands and companies who we believe in, and who are bringing a new solution to traditional markets."


And of course you needed a few frames! We think Framebridge is a wonderful idea and company. You are offering a great new solution to how to frame artworks easily and at a good value. We love working with brands and companies who we believe in, and who are bringing a new solution to traditional markets. We also believe in making beautiful spaces and therefore had a lot of art to frame! Because we furnish our homes from the long term we ensure we choose partners whose quality we can trust to last. Framebridge has been a great partner and we are so proud of all our beautifully framed pieces.  

We loved working with you all as well! For those who are less familiar, can you explain a little bit about the process? What did you enjoy most about it? The process was so incredibly easy. We buy our art both online and here in New York. We had everything sent directly to Framebridge, and within an extremely short amount of time we had over 100 pieces framed and back at our doorstep, ready for the opening of our newest home. The most enjoyable part of the process was how you took care of everything. Framing pieces of art can seem like a “too hard” task, that takes a lot of energy and involvement, but we loved knowing we could trust you, and that it would be completely taken care of.


"We also found that traditional framers were not able to handle the timelines we wanted to hit to open our new homes quickly."

Any surprises along the way? I was surprised at how quickly you were able to frame all of our works, and how easy it was having our beautiful pieces sent right to our door ready to hang!

We love art in our homes, but framing each piece ourselves was taking a lot of time and effort on our part. We also found that traditional framers were not able to handle the timelines we wanted to hit to open our new homes quickly. Framebridge solved both of these problems for us. We see the quality in the framing and that is something that is very important.

Most importantly, what do your residents think of the space? The biggest feedback we get from visitors and residents is that they didn’t imagine the homes would be “so nice”. We take a lot of care to create spaces that are comfortable and relaxed. One of my favorite quotes from a member was that “my home feels like a grown up home”. I think framing your beautiful art is a “grown-up” move, and we love how easy Framebridge made that for us!

We'd love to help your business feel like a home.