My Story: New York Memory

Take a peek into the story of sisters, business partners, and Framebridge customers, Ann and Sara. Today they’re sharing the story behind their special framed pieces.

Sister duo Ann and Sarah are the brains behind a handbag line and store called Taylor Aiden. Ann, who lives in Connecticut, and Sarah, who lives in New Jersey, love selling things that make people smile.

What did you frame with us? We’ve framed vacation photos, a picture of our parents from their wedding day 40 years ago, a Gray Malin print, and one of our own wedding photos.

   Gray Malin print  in our  Richmond  frame. 

Gray Malin print in our Richmond frame. 

Why are these things so special? My parents bought Ann the Gray Malin Prada print because of her career in fashion. It’s a reminder of her days living in New York. The photos are so special because photography has been in our DNA. Our grandfather was a chemist and helped major companies improve the quality of their film. To have a service that makes it so simple to get our pictures from our phones to our walls is truly priceless. 

  Ann’s  Instagram mini  in our  Seabrook  frame.

Ann’s Instagram mini in our Seabrook frame.

Which frames did you choose? We used the Richmond for our art print, and the Seabrook, Mandalay, and Newport for photographs. The different styles really let you play off your artwork and photographs. The Seabrook is perfect for our beach print from our latest trip to Montauk whereas the Newport is more traditional and was great for our parents throwback wedding photo. 

  Ann’s photo in our  Mercer  frame and wedding photo in our Heartstagram mini  Mandalay  frame. (Check back around Valentine’s Day to get your own special Heartstagram mini!)

Ann’s photo in our Mercer frame and wedding photo in our Heartstagram mini Mandalay frame. (Check back around Valentine’s Day to get your own special Heartstagram mini!)

Where are your pieces hanging? We have one in our dining room, on our mantle, and in our beach entryway. 

  Beach photo in our  Jambi  frame. 

Beach photo in our Jambi frame. 

What are you excited to frame next? More travel photos! We love using the app for Instagram minis while we’re on the road. It’s so simple and such a great reminder of our trips. I’ve been waiting for the right thing to put in the Jambi frame next. 

We also can’t wait to frame some prints the we got in Europe. European prints don’t fit the standard size mats that are sold here in the States so sending them in makes it much easier. 

We both work long hours and when we’re not at work we like to be with our family. We just can’t find the time to go to a frame shop during normal hours. The ease of being able to use the website 24/7 is a lifesaver. 

What have you framed with us?  Share in the comments below!