My Story: Brazilian Maps


Jana Davis Pearl – Lives in Brooklyn, NY. Is a Landscape Architect and Photographer who loves beautiful prints, a really good hot chocolate and faraway beaches.

What did you frame and why is it special? I framed a few maps of Brazil for our son’s nursery because we just moved back to the US from Sao Paulo right before he was born. We thought we would be having him there but things changed, so I want him to still have a connection with a country dear to our hearts.

Why did you choose your specific frame style? I chose the Sonoma style after selecting the Designer’s Choice option because I had a hard time deciding. Now I can’t imagine it framed any other way

Where are your final framed pieces hanging? I have three pieces hanging in the nursery, two above the crib and another city blueprint above his dresser. 

What are you excited to frame next? Next I’d like to have a beach photo from Rio framed as well as a few Instagrams!