My Story: Bart the Fox

Where is home? I live in upstate South Carolina--about as far from the beach as you can get while still being in SC!

What do you do? I'm a multimedia and adult programming librarian. I get to plan events and be pop culture obsessed for my job! It's AMAZING!

What are some of your favorite things? Oh, I love so many weird things! I love the panda cam, Kesha (I've seen her live four times!), the smell of sunblock, HGTV (who doesn't, am I right?), pattern mixing, and grilling. I also love to hate running, but that's another story.


What did you frame with us? I framed an 18" square cross stitch named Bart the Fox that I finished in March of 2015.

Why is it special to you? Bart is actually the first piece of artwork that went onto the walls in my boyfriend's house, and it's currently still one of the only things up. So that makes him pretty special! It also took me three months/roughly 250 hours to complete this cross stitch, which I started to keep my mind sharp while I recovered from my second back surgery. I've done a few projects since Bart but he's still my favorite, and I absolutely love how he's framed!

What are you excited to frame next? You know, my boyfriend and I have been together for two years and we don't have a single photo of us printed or framed. So maybe that should be next!

Thanks, Jess! We agree! It would make a nice gift. *cough, cough*