My Story: Custom Calligraphed Suite

Kate Headley lives in Washington, DC, and works as a wedding & commercial photographer. She loves getting a cappuccino at Peregrine and Lake Superior.

What did you frame and why is it special?

I framed a 16" x 20" photograph for my friend Arney.  She is a wedding planner and a calligrapher and the photograph is an invitation suite that she calligraphed for a wedding that we both worked on.  It was our first wedding together and we’ve become good friends since—and become friends with the bride!  

Why did you choose your specific frame style?

The gold Mandalay was absolutely perfect for this print. We styled the calligraphy with some Chinese brushes and that paired with the bamboo, gave it a beautiful Asian vibe.  Her shiny calligraphy brushes were set off by the gold frame—everything looked so cohesive.

Where is your final framed piece hanging?

About five minutes after I gave it to her, she hung it over mantle in her little DC rowhouse.

What are you excited to frame next?

I want to frame some watercolor prints I found at an estate sale.  I would also love to frame some big black and white prints I shot of my family.  I have a long list!