My Story: Boardwalk Jukebox


Where is home? 

Fulton, MD (about halfway between Baltimore and DC). I was born in NY, lived in Germany when I was 3, moved to NC when I was 7, moved to GA after college and lived in Seattle for 5 years before settling in MD with my husband who was born here.  We’ve been in MD for 14 years which means that next year I will have lived in MD longer than any other place.

 What do you do? 

I’m a full-time photographer.  I shoot bar and bat mitzvahs and also political events for clients in DC. I do the occasional headshot or corporate photo shoot as well. I'm also a wife and mom to 2 kids (Kate, 13 and Jack, 11).

Some of your favorite things? 

Beside photography, I love interior and graphic design, hiking, and home remodeling projects (although my ADHD means I start an awful lot of projects and never finish them. My husband loves that). I love to use my hands, get dirty and be outside.  

What did you frame with us? 

I framed a photo of a jukebox from a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant on the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach. I was there with my family during a cold spring break a few years ago and we stumbled into one of the few restaurants on the boardwalk that was open. When I saw the jukeboxes at the tables I knew I wanted an image of one to put in our house. 

Why is it special to you?

This image reminds me that I can create my own art and that my art is worth showing.

What are you excited to frame next?

So many things. I have hundreds of photos from my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah this past October as well as years of images on my hard drives just waiting to be combed through. I also have images that are currently in frames I don’t really love but bought because I could afford them. I can’t wait to re-frame them. 

Thanks, Kristin! We can't wait to see all your photos and re-frames! See what other customers are framing over here