My Story: Drawing in the Mail

Where is home? Chicago, IL

What do you do? I’m a PhD student at the University of Chicago

What are some of your favorite things? Reading, running, cross stitch, my dog, and Sweden

What did you frame? A drawing my grandmother gave me. 

Why is it special to you? She received the drawing in the mail when I was in college from the son of a family friend. I instantly fell in love with it but she wouldn’t give it to me. Within the last year she was cleaning up and getting rid of things, found it again, and asked if I still wanted it. I don’t know this particular friend of my grandma’s, but there was something about the drawing and the handwriting that I love about this. I’m a real sucker for penmanship. 

What are you excited to frame next? Over the holidays this year my dad gave me the blueprints he made for the home in which I spent part of my youth. Before we lived in it I remember him drawing them up on a desk in our living room during the planning process. My dad built the house himself - with help from extended family - during which I spent a lot of time playing on dirt piles and Sharpie-ing my name all over the bones of the house. I’d like to get one or two of the blueprints framed. 

Thanks, Sarah! We can't wait to see your blueprints in our studio.