Favorite Things of 2015

Much like it was for Kylie Jenner, Mark Zuckerberg, and the taco emoji 🌮, 2015 was kind of a banner year for us. It was our first *full* year in business, our team grew from like 10 to 75, and we got to frame some of the coolest stuff in America while getting to know all of you. But, beliebe it or not, we loved some things outside of work, too. If you would, take a moment to indulge us as we share our other favorite… everythings of 2015.

In 2015, we couldn’t stop…

Listening to these (beats):

All the usual suspects—Taylor, Adele, Queen Bey, with a strong Drake/Bieber boy tie to close out the year. 

Listening to these (words):

We love podcasts. We love advertising on podcasts. Our 2015 favorite listens were Reply All, Death, Sex & Money, and everything Grantland… BSPN.


Team Framebridge bonded pretty heavily over true crime serial documentaries (The Jinx, Making a Murderer, we’re looking at you), soapy primetime dramas set in our backyard with unrealistically beautiful leads (Scandal, Quantico), Master of None, and all Bachelor franchise properties, which, tragically, were a little “meh” this year. Bet it all on Ben? #itsrainingben


Babybels for breakfast, Coconut chips, Dean & Deluca Cajun Chicken Pasta “Salad”, and Chipotle… until December. We’re actively seeking a replacement — please advise.


Amber Interiors’ Before and After page. Full stop.

Amber’s best 2015 makeovers, as ranked by us:

  1. Client Freakin’ Fabulous: Try not to order hand-fired black wall tile for your bathroom after seeing this. We dare you.
  2. Client Double Thumbs Up: The “Before” is so good that it’s hard to see how it could’ve ever gone wrong, but the “After” is so sexy you’ll want to burn all your things and just start over after seeing it.
  3. Client Sandy Castles: That hot, hot white kitchen. That little twins’ suite separated by a giant closet full of kiddie couture. We. Just. Can’t.     


Books as props. Samantha French prints. Antique rugs. Anything made out of brass or marble. Or brass AND marble! Adobe Creative Cloud licenses. Single-stem peonies and garden roses. And lamps… Always lamps. 


We were more or less addicted to float mounting, like, everything we could find this year—maps, postcards, fly fishing lures, even tools—nothing was safe. Hard to know if we were more obsessed with framing these bizarre, but highly photogenic, objects or framing A House in the Hills’ Smoke Bomb again and again. Don’t make us choose!

Can’t wait to find out what we’ll love most in 2016. Our money’s on Aziz.