Frame Your Journey: Gifts

You go on a trip, and you bring back a phone full of photos. You go on a journey, and you bring back a phone full of photos AND objects AND and items from the road. This holiday season our friend Carla will be surprising her friends and family with gifts from her journey. Gifts that are custom to each personality and relationship, that she sent to us to frame and send their way. Oh, and... friends and family of Carla: you guys can sit this one out!

Gift It: Wallpaper

The Old Farmhouse 4.jpg

Who: For my dear friend Camille

What: A piece of handprinted wallpaper discovered under drywall during the renovation of her old farm house in the Willamette valley, OR.

Why: I thought it would be a great way to remember where they started, once the house it finished and the vineyard is up and running.

Gift It: Photo Strip


Who: Camille and I.

What: Two photo booth strips taken on a rainy evening at the Ace Hotel in Portland.

Why: I thought it would be great to frame each strip separately so that we could each have one as a memento of our time together.

Gift It: Wedding Invitation

Who: For Mela and Kurt, two close friends who are about to get married in Joshua Tree this New Year's Eve.

What: A letter-pressed print of their beautiful wedding invitations designed by our good friend Micah Beard.

Why: This invitation is a work of art and deserves to be framed! What a lovely way to remember their special day for years to come.

Gift It: Image of Chicago

Who: For my friend Neena, whom I stayed with while visiting Chicago 

What: A picture that embodies the city, old and new.

Why: Neena and her husband John recently bought their first house in Chicago. I thought it would make the perfect house warming gift!

Gift It: Coney Island Rivals

Who: For my good friends back in Philly, Lauren and Jeff.

What: A photo of Detroit's rival Coney Island diners downtown. 

Why: Jeff and Lauren used to live in Detroit and I thought this would be sweet to bring a little Detroit to their home in Philly.

Gift It: Glacier National Park Reflection

Montana 7 (1).jpg

Who: My father

What: An image taken in Glacier National Park, Montana

Why: My father retires early next year, and plans to do a driving tour of America's National Parks! I thought this would be a beautiful reminder of all the new adventures yet to come!

What special things do you have that remind you of the people in your life? Frame and give them as gifts to the ones you love