Gallery Walls: Our 5 Favorites and How To Get Them


We love gallery walls. Shocking, right? Here at Framebridge we really have seen them in all shapes and sizes and styles, but there are a few layouts that feel fresh every time. Whether you’re looking to display memories collected over time, fill an awkward space in your home, or show off beautiful photography, you can’t go wrong with these five approaches. Oh, and a reminder: We're full *top to bottom* custom framers. So once you pick the gallery wall style you're into, work with our designers to frame the things you love and incorporate them into a space you love in a completely made-just-for-you way.

And now, the top five no-fail gallery walls.

1. The Grid: A perfect arrangement of 9 to 12 identically-sized framed photos

 Via  Ivory Lane , featuring our  Newport  frame in 17.25"  x 23.25"

Via Ivory Lane, featuring our Newport frame in 17.25"  x 23.25"

  • A grid is perfect if: You want to exactly fill the space above a couch/headboard/dining table.
  • What you’ll need: Photography you love. If you have hi-res images, you can go for larger pieces, but we love the look of a grid of small framed Instagram photos (we print them at 5x5), too. 
  • How to get it: First, choose your photos. Crop all of them to be exactly the same size, then frame them with white mats in identical frames. At Framebridge, our favorite frames for grids are thin white gallery frames and delicate classic silvers.
  • Pro tip: Hang each frame 2 - 3 inches apart and be sure to keep your spacing consistent!


2. The Column: A vertically-stacked arrangement of 4 to 6 framed photos or pieces of art

 A column gallery wall sitting in a cozy corner of the Framebridge office. Featuring (from top to bottom) our  Bolton ,  Beverly ,  Mercer Slim , and  Irvine Slim  frames and photography from Ansel Adams.

A column gallery wall sitting in a cozy corner of the Framebridge office. Featuring (from top to bottom) our Bolton, Beverly, Mercer Slim, and Irvine Slim frames and photography from Ansel Adams.

  • A column is perfect if: You have a narrow wall next to a door or window that’s begging for a statement.
  • What you’ll need: A collection of framed pieces that you think look great together—they don’t have to and shouldn’t match!
  • How to get it: Arrange your frames on the floor to see what arrangement you like best, then hang each piece 3 - 4 inches apart, ensuring that they’re all horizontally centered.
  • Pro tip: Do not put the biggest one at the top! 


3. The Salon: A floor-to-ceiling arrangement of small pieces collected over time

 Beautiful salon style gallery wall from a recent home tour featuring our  Richmond ,  Mandalay ,  Providence , and  Newport  frame styles. 

Beautiful salon style gallery wall from a recent home tour featuring our Richmond, Mandalay, Providence, and Newport frame styles. 

  • A salon style wall is perfect if: You have an alcove or nook you’d like to fill.
  • What you’ll need: 10 - 20 (or more!) framed and unframed small photos, pieces of art and mementos.
  • How to get it: This gallery is supposed to look like you grew it over time, so don’t worry about making it too perfect! Start with a single piece somewhere in the middle of your wall, then add the others above and below, being sure not to center anything and leaving 2 - 3 inches between each.
  • Pro tip: These are meant to look collected over time! As you gather new pieces, just add them in.


4. The Ledge: A grouping of 3 to 5 framed pieces leaned against one another on a shallow wall shelf

 Via Emily Henderson, more  here

Via Emily Henderson, more here

  • Perfect if: You like to change your décor regularly.
  • What you’ll need: A small collection of shallow framed pieces (see our dark or light burl wood frames) of different sizes that you want to display together and a photo ledge. We like this one.
  • How to get it: Lean the larger pieces against the wall first, then layer in the smaller ones. Shift them around until you love the look.
  • Pro tip: Have fun with this one. You can change it around often!


5. The Classic: A grouping of 5 to 10 framed pieces organically placed in a grouping

 A big, eclectic gallery wall in the Framebridge office. 

A big, eclectic gallery wall in the Framebridge office. 

  • Perfect If: You want to start fresh and know exactly the space you're looking to fill.
  • What You’ll Need: A collection of photos and/or art prints in slightly different sizes and shapes. 
  • How to Get It: start by holding your lowest piece of art against the wall to find the perfect spot. Estimate and mark the correct nail/hook placement for your piece. Repeat the hanging process with the frames to the left and right of the first, then with those above.
  • Pro tip: Wait until you’ve hung all the frames in your arrangement, take a step back, and then straighten and level everything. Use a few pieces of sticky tac on the back of the frames to guarantee they stay put.

One more thing: a note on making a gallery wall look cool but not cluttered. 

At Framebridge, we live for the eclectic look of a mixed-media gallery wall. We love that each wall is imperfect and full of unique stories from the person who collected them. That said, if you aren’t careful, they can end up looking a little messy or cluttered. Our recommendation is always to keep something about the design consistent.

Maybe you’re using all black or wood-toned frames. Maybe you’re going with a mix of metallics, but using white mats with each. Maybe all of your art and photos are different, but you keep a tight art color palette of black, white, and indigo. If you’re smart about what you include and commit to editing yourself, your gallery wall will be beautiful and read as a tastefully-curated collection. And, if you ever need help thinking through the details, we’ve got your back with our Gallery Wall Design Service.

Time to build that gallery wall we know you want.