Gift It: The One You Love

Next up on our gift list: the one you love. This is always a hard one. Your boo deserves something as quirky and fun and special as they are. Something that's original, meaningful, and ideally affordable. So, we asked our Office Manager and master problem solver, Teresa, for some ideas. And she DELIVERED. Here you go: gifts the one you love would love.

When it comes to gift giving, shopping for that special someone is my absolute favorite. So, of course I have to get a list going because the possibilities are endless! Things that remind me of him. Things he has said in passing that he would enjoy. Things that he will find totally creepy and cause him to wonder how I am reading his mind… or his emails. Woops.

The important thing is: finding a gift for the person you love is a fun exercise in reminiscing on all your fun times together, and all the reasons you love this person. I’m so excited to be part of Framebridge, a place that makes every gift incredibly special by capturing those happy moments, while also making it addictively (yep, addictively) easy to do so…

  Polaroids in our  Cairo  frame, $99

Polaroids in our Cairo frame, $99

The “Us” Gift: Pro tip... this is the easiest. Whether you’ve been dating for one week or a decade, framing a photo of the two of you will result in instant smiles. It can be about a moment during a fun vacation, a New Year’s kiss, a particularly memorable hike, or even the most special moments of your life: engagements, weddings and babies!

  Matchbook float mounted in our  Providence  frame, $84

Matchbook float mounted in our Providence frame, $84

The “Remember This” Gift: If the “Us” gift was the easiest, then this is definitely the coolest. I was looking around my boyfriend’s place for a stamp last week, tearing through every last nook and cranny, when I came across the secret drawer, containing highly incriminating evidence that he is actually a huge romantic. In the secret drawer were tickets from every concert we attended, every letter I had written him, and matchboxes from a ton of restaurants we have dined in over the years. It was the sweetest discovery. Naturally, I swiped one. And framed it. Boom.

  House key float mounted in our  Sonoma  frame, $84

House key float mounted in our Sonoma frame, $84

The “Milestones” Gift: As far as being memorable, some days are greater than others with your significant other. Your first date at Big & Little’s, for example, your first trip to Alaska, moving across the country to Washington D.C., and buying your first home together. There are many more to come and I love the idea of capturing these huge, momentous occasions with something small, like the key to your new front door.

  Baby footprint heart float mounted in our  Newport  frame, $84

Baby footprint heart float mounted in our Newport frame, $84

The “The Whole is better than the Sum of our Parts” gift: For my friends reading this post, let me just clear things up real quick, I am not pregnant. BUT with so many friends and family members welcoming little ones into the nest this year, I wanted to throw an idea about there for you! Nothing more amazing than capturing your little ones at their littlest.

So, my gifting list this year is not as much a collection of “things” as a compilation of the most memorable moments - much more fun to find and much more special to give!