How To Build a Gallery Wall – Yummertime Style

 Slim Aarons photos in  Mercer Slim  via  Yummertime

Slim Aarons photos in Mercer Slim via Yummertime

It's no secret we love hearing the stories behind the things we custom frame for our customers. In the case of Chris and Brock from the blog Yummertime, we needed ALL the stories behind their recent gallery wall and mini home makeover. Seriously, their post gave us all the feels and all the laughs. We got the full scoop behind the personality-filled art they framed, the beautiful layout they decided on, and the gallery wall process as a whole. We're pretty sure gallery walls have never been so fun. Prepare to laugh. Actually, laugh out loud.

Tell us about the blog. What's it all about? Where did the name come from? Yummertime is, and has always been, a visual diary of our life and lifestyle. It’s our view on our world — from tips on our style to our perspectives on travel, pop culture, pizza and tacos and gummie bears, and men’s grooming.

Yummertime, itself, has been around for 1 ½ years now :) and it all started from a super secret conversation between the two of us that went something like:

Brock: “This pizza tastes yumma!”
Chris: “I love that word, yumma.”
Brock: “Me too.”
Chris: “Yumma, yumma.”
Brock: “Yumma, yumma, yummertime.”
Chris: “Like summertime?”
Brock: “Yeah!”
Chris: “Yummertime summertime!”
Brock: “Yummertime!”

From there, we’d use Yummertime in our everyday conversations together. Every. Day. At the time, we were incredibly unhappy with our day jobs, and needed to find a creative outlet together. So, we started snapping photos of each other, and decided to launch a blog in June 2014.

What have you learned since you first started the blog? Tell us about learning to be content creators while building your brand. When we have fun, we succeed. A year and a half is enough time to nitpick every detail, of every post, of every day — at times, it's been so easy for us to get lost in the details, and on those days, we're left feeling inauthentic. 

We can only speak from the perspective of our own brand, and Yummertime, itself, is more a gut feeling than it is ever any thought-out-detail. As content creators, sure, it's always been important for us to plan. But, what those plans entail is left up for the moment. The best content, for us, has always been one that feels like a "moment." Nothing more, nothing less.

How do you define success? Whether or not, at the end of the day, we can say, we had fun. That's it :)

Favorite Instagram accounts? For food inspiration, we love @infatuation. For color and design, we love @heyrooney, @mattcrump and @leviathanleague. For brand inspiration, we love @glossier and @coach. For personal style, we love @justinliv, @oh_anthonio and @grantlegan.

Where do you go for inspiration? Straight to Instagram's Explore tab :D We also still love browsing through magazines such as VMAN, L'Officiel Hommes, and Hercules magazine for editorial inspiration, drawing out colors and perspectives we might not have thought of before. 

And a fun one: a few of your favorite things? Pizza. Kittens. More pizza. More kittens. We also love Balm Dot Com from Glossier, Baxter of California's Facial Scrub, the latest collections from Coach (like THIS jacket), these pink Converse hi-topsgold frames, basically all photos taken by Slim Aarons, polaroids and film cameras, and the colors pink and blue. 

You guys are a self-proclaimed decor procrastinators. How would you describe the whole process of building your gallery wall? Description: chaotic.  BUT, so much fun :P We're highly skilled at putting anything and everything off for days, weeks, months on end... And in that way, when it comes down to execution, we can get a little stressed. It didn't help that we skipped lunch prior to setting up the gallery wall, resulting in a few hours of hanger and endless Katy Perry songs just to calm us down. BUT, just look at how it all turned out :D

How did you decide where to hang your gallery wall and how to lay it out? For layout, we put everything down on the floor first, arranging all frames against each other in every way possible. We knew we wanted to arrange everything in an upward stroke, gliding from the bottom left to the top right — no real reason for deciding this; it was instinctive. The trickiest part was deciding where the small frame (displaying a matchbook from the night we first asked each other out) would go, making sure it didn't feel like a straggler or stranger to the rest of the frames. 

How did you go about choosing your frame styles? We decided with colors first. Everything we do, from Yummertime as a brand to our own interior design aesthetic, starts with colors and tones first. We knew we wanted black and gold frames :D from there, we looked for minimal frames. Since the frame displaying our matchbook was so small, we figured we could be more fun with it, and went with Mandalay!

Ok. What's the story behind the illustration you framed? It's a watercolor illustration done by Levi Hastings :) The illustration itself is built upon two polaroids we shot of each other while away in Greece, a few years ago, running through Europe on $30 a day as recent grads. We were in Oia, Santorini, amidst the fury of cruise ships undocking their patrons, and had spotted this white church roof from far away. It just might be one of our most adventurous moments — we hopped from white roof to white roof, finally to the Church, where we took our shirts off and snapped polaroid photos of each other because we were all like, "OH YEAH, THIS IS COOL. THIS is SOOOOOO cool." 

What about the pool photos? The pool photos are prints from original photos taken by Slim Aarons at the Cal Neva Hotel (situated perfectly at the border of California and Nevada). And Slim Aarons... OH, Slim Aarons... he's our favorite photographer of all time :) Every single photo he ever took encapsulates exactly what we feel about Yummertime — sunny, summer, leisurely indulgence. The prints are anniversary gifts from our first and second year :) We had saved up every bit of cash we had made from working weekend estate sales, haha!

 Polaroids float mounted in  Richmond  via  Yummertime

Polaroids float mounted in Richmond via Yummertime

 Matchbook in  Mandalay  via  Yummertime

Matchbook in Mandalay via Yummertime

Anddddd... we need to know about the night that inspired the epic hangover and that group of four polaroids.  HAHA. That one is for our unpublished memoir ;) Let's just say, New York always does us in whenever we visit. We will say, though, that prior to getting our auras photographed (the aura polaroids we framed), we did have McDonalds for breakfast, which is a huge success in our book. Yay!

What are you excited to frame next? Hopefully an oil painting of our cat, Thomas. Is that weird? Probably. Do we care? NOT AT ALL. NEVER. WE LOVE OUR CAT. 

We can't wait to meet Thomas at the Framebridge studio. In the meantime, stay up-to-date on all thing Thomas and Yummertime on their blog and Instagram, and get started on your gallery wall today!