How To: Fill a Blank Wall


Sometimes the hardest part is starting. To give you that little extra motivation, inspiration, and get-up-and-go-ness we've laid out our favorite projects that you can start... right now. Decorating your space has never been easier.

Frame Your Feed

  Instagram Mini  in  Bolton  with a white mat.

Instagram Mini in Bolton with a white mat.

The beauty of technology? You can do just about anything from your phone or computer. Frame your favorite pics of your friends, family, pets, and travels in one of our Instagram Mini frames for just $39 each. (Right from your phone!) We can't imagine a better addition to your shelves, walls, or mantles. Also, it takes five minutes. Boom.

Get started now: Frame one for your nightstand, frame two for a corner, or frame four to six to make a grid. 

More Inspiration: Say Yes, Designlovefest, French by Design

Family Gallery Wall

Pull out those old albums and scroll through that camera roll. Pick your favorites, and our gallery wall designers will work with you to create the gallery wall of your dreams – complete with a hanging plan to make installation a breeze. We repeat: pick your favorite photos and we'll do the rest.

Get started now: Pick your favorite photos, and head over here to get the conversation started with one of our gallery wall designers. They'll lay it out for you and send the design your way for approval, complete with options and a killer hanging plan.

More Inspiration: Lucky Penny, Bleubird, Ashlee Proffitt, Latonya Yvette

New Prints

  "88 Kicks"  by  Nico Gibson  in  Madrid  with no mat. 

"88 Kicks" by Nico Gibson in Madrid with no mat. 

Treat yourself to an art print by one of the artists you’ve had your eye on. Not sure which piece to pull the trigger on? If it makes you feel happy it's the one. Simple. Looking for a little inspiration. We got you. (link to artists page)

Get started now: Check out some of our favorite artists over here, and pick up a print that speaks to your style. We suggest you start your search with Paper Jam Press, Hapi Art, Samantha French, Kevin Russ, or Kate Worum.

More inspiration: Upperlyne, Yummertime, Jojotastic

Artifacts and Memories

  Photo strip float mounted in  Bali . 

Photo strip float mounted in Bali

Find an early artifact of your relationship (a photo strip, movie ticket, restaurant menu, etc.) and frame it as a reminder of your sweetie or bestie. Things that make you smile every time you walk by are the best kind of wall art.

Get started now: Take a walk around your house, and pick up the pieces that bring you joy. Check your dresser, that box of treasures, or that album on your bookshelf. Place your mail-in order, and we'll do the rest. 

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 Kids art  gallery wall  in  Marin  with a white mat. 

Kids art gallery wall in Marin with a white mat. 

Have each of your kids create an original piece in a similar size. Pick a clean gallery frame for it to hang in their rooms. (Order on mobile to play with our preview feature. They'll get a kick out of seeing what it'll look like on the wall!)

Get started now: Curate a selection of your favorites, frame them in one frame style (we suggest Marin, Irvine Slim, or Mercer Slim) with a white mat, hang 'em a grid, and you've got one gorgeous gallery. 

More inspiration: The Effortless Chic, Joni Lay

See? That wasn't so hard now was it? All you have to do is start.