Flag from our summer home in Massachusetts

 American flag float mounted in our  Irvine frame

American flag float mounted in our Irvine frame


“It’s had quite a journey. It was purchased in a very rushed decorating moment on July 4th by my mother-in-law in 1998 for a fourth of July party. It hung on the flagpole outside their summer house in Hyannisport, MA. It stayed there for a few years, and then when the family moved down to Osterville, MA it was stationed at the top of the driveway.

It was a very difficult place to find, so they thought they’d mark it with the biggest flag ever.

I think there was one really terrible storm that summer in 2006, and the flag broke off the pole. This meant it was perfectly suited for a wall since it couldn’t fly anymore. It ended up moving down to Washington D.C. where it hung in their Georgetown home off and on for 10 years.

My husband and all his brothers went to Georgetown (University) and they all lived in this Georgetown house over the course of their four years. The flag then made it’s way back to NYC where it was appropriately folded and preserved, but not displayed, in my husband’s former bachelor pad.

When we moved in together he had this flag tucked away somewhere. He told me the story and I said, ‘This is something we should display!’

So we framed it, and now it’s a focal point in our home. He’s sentimental when it comes to certain things like this, so anything that reminds him of family and their life together and growing up is meaningful for him. It’s a true old glory story.

My grandfather was a veteran. I’ve always grown up with flags folded in that triangular shape and preserved in some sort of display box, but it’s a different way of preserving something that’s so meaningful. You really get the full picture.”

- Meaghan Carrigan