Our Three Favorite Frames for Mom


Looking for a fool proof gift for Mom this Mother's Day? Find a photo she loves (let's be real - it's probably on your phone) and frame that baby. It's the easiest way to be thoughtful and give a gift that's personal, beautiful, and, let's face it, exactly what she wants. As you start scrolling through your camera roll for the perfect pic, here are our three favorite frames to keep in mind for mom.



Our thin, antiqued silver frame has the sleek profile of a modern frame, and a traditional style that'll stand the test of time. This frame is our go-to choice for, well, just about everything. From traditional to contemporary, Newport plays well with all types of decor and complements a variety of art and photography. 

We love Newport with: baby photos, family portraits and travel (read: sunset) pics. 



If Newport got dressed up to go out... it would be Buckhead. This cool silver frame boasts a subtly sloping profile and delicate beaded accents that majorly pump up the sophistication factor. Pair Buckhead with black and white wedding photos, family portraits, and super feminine art. You know mom has been telling you she wants one of your wedding photos framed.

Choose Buckhead for: black and white wedding photos, family portraits, feminine photos and prints. 



Our Marin frame is the perfect choice if the mom in your life is more contemporary decor that classic style. Its deep, clean profile pops on light and dark walls, and its maple color pairs nicely with travel photos (think: lots of green) and beach photos.  

Choose Marin for: beach pics, travel photos, and softly toned art. 


Make mom proud: get her a gift she'll love. Early.