Poppin frames bright art for their bold office

  Gallery wall  in our  Irvine Slim  frame

With a motto like “Work Happy” we’re not surprised the Poppin offices are bursting with bright colors and happy faces. Technically, Poppin is an office furniture and supply manufacturer, but really they're all about making work fun through colorful, beautiful office supplies. Poppin employees say the company is fun to work for, and we can attest that they’re fun to work with. Together we worked to frame photos and even a few of their favorite Poppin supplies to create a design that complements their office and identity. Here’s Poppin’s LT Taylor on their mission, design goal, and how frames added a little something special to their already poppin’ (sorry, had to) space.

For those who aren't familiar, can you tell us about Poppin? Poppin is a startup that believes that everyone, everywhere deserves to work happy. Based in New York City, we’re a leading manufacturer of workplace furniture and supplies designed for the dynamic needs of the modern office. We’ve created an effortless and affordable one-stop solution for your entire workspace, and we’re here to help people create one that excites and inspires with beautiful design, transparent pricing, and a team of dedicated experts by your side.

How did the company get started? Where does the name come from? It all began with a simple stapler - a product whose design hasn’t changed much over the decades. We thought, “what would happen if we reimagined ordinary office products and turned them into something extraordinary?” Colorful, beautiful, and full of life. And with that, Poppin was born in 2009. The name comes from the original concept which was to create “eye-popping products at jaw-dropping prices.” We’ve since expanded into office furniture and colorful, customizable products.

  Gallery wall  in our  Irvine Slim  frame

 “Many of us have used Framebridge to deck out our own apartments so we were pleased that designing a gallery wall for the office was just as seamless.”

We love all the bright, fun colors in your office—was there a particular design goal in mind? Sure. It’s important that we practice what we preach, so we designed our office to reflect our brand identity. We also design the products we sell for ourselves first, and use our own office as a testing ground. Employee behavior and feedback play a huge role in deciding what we put into production. Whether it’s the sitting-standing desks or ways to improve collaboration and productivity, we are constantly thinking about the future of workspaces and how we can help other companies “work happy.”

Love that. It's something we have in common! What do you love most about working at Poppin? For me, it’s a combination of the people I get to work with and the work I get to do. I truly believe in our business and it’s rewarding to be surrounded by a group of folks who feel the same way.

Let's talk frames. What was it like to work with Framebridge? Can you tell us a little about the process? Many of us have used Framebridge to deck out our own apartments so we were pleased that designing a gallery wall for the office was just as seamless. It’s also great to be able to speak to real people throughout the process - from bouncing ideas off one another, to getting an expert opinion and life-like mock-ups. It was simple to execute, and we were really happy with the quality and turnout.

“The gallery wall makes such a difference - it adds a whole new dynamic to our lobby area.”

So what exactly did you guys frame with us? We’re a very visual brand so we framed six photos, showcasing a variety of our products - from a high res shot of our best-selling Ping Pong Conference Table to a cityscape of our back-to-school favorites.

Do you have a favorite piece? We love that all the frames tell a cohesive story, but my favorite is shadowbox frame. It’s amazing that you’re able to frame physical items - it’s the perfect way to display a keepsake (and would certainly make a great gift!)

I can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve gotten from employees and visiting clients. The gallery wall makes such a difference - it adds a whole new dynamic to our lobby area.

What can we frame to add inspiration to your office?