The Great Hardware Debate of 2016: Black vs. Brass

Not sure if you've heard but there's a SERIOUS debate happening right now... black or brass? That is the design question. While we wouldn't dare choose for you, we thought we'd help guide your thinking. We've gone ahead and picked out our favorite uses of each hardware finish, and a few of our favorite ways to combine both black and brass finishes into your space. Now, it's up to you to pick a team.

Team Black

You might be on team black if: you are drawn to industrial or modern spaces, love a little drama, or are looking to make your space look more custom and unique. After all, unlike it's shinier brass counterpart, black isn't a standard finish in most homes and apartments these days. We especially love the look of matte black hardware in bright white spaces with rich natural toned accents. Black hardware is definitely having a moment.

Team Brass

You might be on team brass if: you're a sucker for shiny hardware accents, if you want to save your walk on the wild side for other finishes around the house, or if you just can't resist the elegance of a brassy faucet or drawer pull. If you fall into any or all of those categories you're probably on team brass. One more thing: we're pretty confident the brass look is here to stay, making this classic finish a winner for now and later. 

A Little Bit of Both

You might be on team black and brass: if you just can't choose between the two. That's ok! Don't forget these two neutrals are, in fact, neutral and look awesome together. There are tons of options out there for fixtures and hardware that allow you to combine the best of both worlds, and tons of ways to use both colors in your decor – black AND brass. In perfect harmony. 

The verdict: we love both. Separately and together. And what we love even more? Seeing how you style your spaces. Share your black and brass looks with us on Instagram