This week we recommend you...

Frame: Clare Elsaesser’s Etsy shop is full of beautifully rich giclee prints. We love her bold colors and careful attention to feminine details. We particularly love Clare’s prints in our Georgetown (pictured above) and Potomac gold frames.

Read: Kelsey Rexroat’s Atlantic piece documenting a week in the life eating through all the emojis on her iPhone, is definitely worth a read. Seriously, when are we getting a taco emoji?

Do: We’re knowingly tardy to the party, but Soul Cycle just arrived in DC and we can’t get enough. 

Listen: In honor of Beyoncé’s 33rd birthday we’ve been listening to the Queen on loop this week. “Run the World (Girls)” is always worth a listen! 

Buy: Essie's Lilacism nail lacquer is the perfect mix of fleeting summer fun and softer Fall colors. Plus, it looks great with our Brentwood frame!