Tuckernuck frames business milestones

 Postcard float mounted in our  Monterey  frame

Postcard float mounted in our Monterey frame


We want you to frame what you love - at home, but also in your office. And the ladies at the lifestyle brand Tuckernuck have done just that. Founded in 2012 by Madeline Grayson, Jocelyn Gailliot, and September Rinnier, this online boutique embodies the classic, American lifestyle top to bottom. And, believe it or not, their office is just as thoughtfully curated as their store. Among racks of clothes, sample swatches, and accessories hang all the things that tell their business story—the vintage post card that inspired their name, their first printed catalogue, and the wallpaper swatches from their first store. 

Can you tell us a little bit about Tuckernuck? Tuckernuck is an online retailer curated for the classic American lifestyle and inspired by good old-fashioned fun. It embodies the lifestyles and active spirit of its founders, Jocelyn, Maddy, and September, rooted in sport, travel, family, friends and celebration.

How did it start? A few years ago my sister Jocelyn and college classmate September and I became frustrated with the lack of an online lifestyle retailer that targeted our classic, All-American style so we launched Tuckernuck. Our vision was to inspire buyers all over the world by cross merchandising products from hundreds of small and large brands in rich lifestyle content.

And the name? Tuckernuck is actually a tiny island off the Coast of Massachusetts in between Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

What’s the Tuckernuck mission? Tuckernuck is grounded in authenticity - of its founders and the team. The models are our friends, the photoshoots are done in locations that are near and dear to us, and the products are what we would wear and boast on a regular basis. Our mission is to inspire our customers to #findthefun in life and give them a special place to discover new and unique brands with amazing stories behind them.

 From left to right: Madeline Grayson and September Rinnier

From left to right: Madeline Grayson and September Rinnier


You have three co-founders - how do you combine three points of view? I think 3 is the magic number! We are extremely honest and upfront with each other, which I think has been key to our partnership. Our big decisions are based on healthy debates... seeing all viewpoints, presenting facts and numbers and coming to an overall conclusion. Jocelyn is also a few years ahead of September and me with a background in finance and 3 kids. We have different perspectives based on our stages in life and work experiences, which has made us more dynamic as founders and leaders. With the team growing, we have divided our roles as department heads according for day-to-day operations to run efficiently. Three is great though because it’s not one person’s word against the other. We are very thorough in all our decisions as a result, and value each other’s opinions.

With so many clothing companies out there what do you think sets your business apart? Authenticity! We are the customer and we live the Tuckernuck lifestyle. It is with an active spirit and a curious mind that we, as the founders, carefully pick every coveted item on Tuckernuck to celebrate a lifestyle where form follows fun and a little bit of class is always in fashion. We constantly think about where you can wear things. This is why we are so adamant about showing the clothes we sell in a lifestyle setting styled beautifully (but still achievable!), using inspirational models that are friendly, playful and cool (usually our friends), and wearing the product ourselves in everyday life!  The three of us have always valued the specialty store. We always want our customers to feel a connection to us, because we work so hard to curate and share with them these amazing things we’ve found for life’s adventures and experiences.

What other brands do you admire?  Martha StewartOrvisRalph LaurenJ.CrewPaperless PostOne Kings LaneSerena & Lily

There are so many beautiful products these days. How do you curate the products you carry to stay true to the Tuckernuck aesthetic? We always come back to classic with a twist. As a result, our assortment is a balance of classics like Saint James striped shirts and Barbour olive waxed jackets with unexpected (on-trend or not!) pieces like kilim loafers from Morocco and handmade Wayuu bags from Colombia or very cool reflective shades from New Orleans-born Krewe Du Optic. We believe our curated funky and on-trend pieces keep us fresh and cool, but we know our roots of navy and white, colorful patterns, and timeless penny loafers will always be in style.


Let's talk frames. How did you go about selecting the items you wanted to frame? Was there a particular story you wanted to tell? We chose mementos for sentimental reasons, but also images that evoked brand. (Click through the slides above to learn what makes each piece special.)

What are you excited to frame next? A picture of us at our first store opening!

What will you frame to tell your business story?