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Home Tour: A 550 sq ft Washington, D.C. sanctuary

This is the dream: it looks like a catalogue, but feels like a home.



Dudes' Guide to Framebridge


Welcome, gentlemen. If you aren't familiar with Framebridge let us introduce ourselves.



The moment my son met President Obama

"As I was thinking through who would enjoy the opportunity to go the White House, I thought about Clark. He has been learning about the president through watching the news, and hearing my husband and I talk about him at home. I thought thereโ€™s no better person to take to meet President Obama than Clark."



How To: Frame a Jersey

It's time to get your most treasured team jerseys out of the bottom drawer and up on your wall. You'll never want to resort to thumbtacks once you see how sharp they look in a clean frame against a bright white background.



Framebridge Trendspotting 2017

The top ten design trends our Creative Director, Tessa, is looking forward to in 2017.



How To: Pick the Perfect Gold Frame

From the warmest to the coolest, our go-to guide for how to pick the perfect gold.